About me

[f e: r e: n a r i: z ɐ]

I am a full Professor at the School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences (MACS) at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh.

I am director of the HWU NLP lab.

I am a co-founder of ALANA AI.

I hold a Leverhulme Senior Research Fellowship awarded by the Royal Society.

I am affiliated to the Interaction Lab, the HRI lab and the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics .

My main research is on Spoken Dialogue Systems and interactive Natural Language Generation.

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Also see my publications on GoogleScholar.


  1. Gavin Abercrombie (RA)

  2. Tanvi Dinkar (RA)

  3. to be filled (RA)

  4. Karin Sevegnani (PhD student)

  5. Xinnuo Xu (PhD student)

  6. Malvina Nikandrou (PhD student)

  7. Nikolas Vitsakis (PhD student)

  8. Sabrina McCallum (PhD student)

Recent Alumni

  1. Amanda Curry (PhD student, now RA at Bocconi)

  2. Lu Yu (RA, now Associate Prof at Tianjin University of Technology)

  3. Dave Howcroft (RA, now researcher at Edinburgh Napier Uni)

  4. Mugdha Pandya (RA, now PhD student at Sheffield)

  5. Shubham Agarwal (PhD student, new research scientist at Pulse Labs)

  6. Emanuelle Bastinelli (RA, now researcher at Philipps)

  7. Ondrej Dusek (RA, now Assistant Prof at Charles Uni, holder of ERC Starting grant)

  8. Jekaterina Novikova (RA, now WinterLights Labs)

  9. Simon Keizer (Co-I, now Toshiba research Cambridge)

  10. Xinkun Liu (RA, now ORCA project)

  11. Eshrag Refaee (PhD student, now: Lecturer at Jazan University.

  12. Dimitra Gkatzia (RA, Now: Lecturer at Edinburgh Napier)

  13. Nina Dethlefs (RA on SICSA fund, Now: Lecturer at the University of Hull.)

  14. Yanchao Yu (RA on EPSRC Acceleration Award, Now: lecturer at Edinburgh Napier)

  15. Marta Vallejo (PhD student, Now: Assistant Prof at Heriot-Watt, EPS)

  16. Andy Taylor (RA on EPSRC Acceleration Award):

Currently funded research projects:

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