Order Your Healing Herbal Products!

There is a large range of what I can concoct for you, with love, healing intention focused on you or your loved one, and only the best ingredients!  Here are some specific offerings perfect for nourishing and protecting your skin, especially during the winter, all of which can be personalized/tailor made for you. I hand-make these in small batches, so you always receive super fresh products intentionally made just for you or the person to whom you wish to gift. If you have a specific health or skin condition you are trying to alleviate, let me know that--I can develop special products for you.  I use fresh, organic, fair trade, and wildcrafted ingredients, and high-quality therapeutic-grade essential oils, such as Doterra and Young Living steam-distilled herbs. Please note that prices may vary a bit for personalized products, as some herbs and essential oils are more expensive than others, and I can provide a discount for bulk orders or those excluding some of the more expensive ingredients.  Sizes are by volume, e.g., in fluid ounces. To place an order, please email me at HerbalmagikLLC@gmail.com.:

1) Rich, All-Natural, Organic Healing Cream

Need a great, rich, all-purpose, healing cream?  I lovingly make this in small batches, with wildcrafted and locally organically grown herbs, high quality oils and therapeutic grade essential oils. I can also personalize it for you--inquire about what you have in mind!:

All natural, organic and wildcrafted ingredients: coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, argan oil, shea butter, cacao butter, beeswax, lanolin, vegetable glycerin, aloe vera, lemon juice, green tea, rose, chamomile, calendula, plantain, dandelion flowers and leaf, wild oat tops, comfrey, mullein leaf & flowers, honey, vitamin E, rosehip oil, essential oils of frankinsence, rose, lemongrass, & lavender.

2 oz $16

4 oz $30

2) Healing Salve

Made with healing, organic, fair trade, and wildcrafted ingredients, personalized for your issues. Please note that I have special salves and creams tailored to use during various phases of radiation therapy or exposure, and for various types of skin ailments, scars, stretch marks, and light wounds.

2 oz $8 and upwards, depending on herbs and essential oils used

4 oz $15 and upwards, depending on herbs and essential oils used

3) Intoxicatingly Aromatic Herbal Body or Face Scrub made with Hawaiian sea salt, Dead Sea or Himalayan salt, herbal infused olive organic oil, almond oil, rosehip oil, and ground herbs (lavender, green tea, rose, and chamomile). 

4 oz $10

4) Herbalmagik Spray: Relaxing yet invigorating, grounding and anxiety-relieving, and it makes you smell really good!

Choose from: lavender-lemongrass-rose geranium; tuberose; rose; sage; lime; or frakinsence & myrrh

2 fluid oz $10

5) All natural, organic, healing deodorant. Choose from: rose geranium; sage; clary sage; frankincense; tea tree; tea tree-lavender-rose; or sage-lemongrass. I can make this for you with or without baking soda included.

2 oz $12

6) Luscious healing lip balm. Made with all natural ingredients, organic and wildcrafted herbal infusions, coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, and food-grade, therapeutic grade essential oils. Choice of plain, lime, peppermint, lime-peppermint, cinnamon, lavender, lemongrass, lavender-lemongrass, lemongrass-lime, rose, frankincense, tea tree, or any combo of these.


7) Face mask. Oil-free, made with bentonite clay, aloe vera, lemon juice, tea tree, & herbal infusions, good for pulling impurities from the skin and can help alleviate acne.  This, as with all of my products, can be tailor-made, fragrance-free, without tea tree, and with other herbs or essential oils of your choice.

2 oz $10

8) Gift certificates in any amount, redeemable towards any services and products I offer.