Herbal Products

All natural and organic and/or ethically wildcrafted personalized herbal:  Tinctures (alcoholic or glycerite), creams, infused oils, massage oils, face and body scrubs and masks, bath salts, bath bombs, burn salves, surf rash salves, lip balms, soaps, all natural herbal deodorants, insect repellent, natural pesticide for the garden, body or ambiental fragrance, raw herbal chocolates, and more...  

Arrange a personal consultation for personalized products made just for you, or email for special product orders (HerbalmagikLLC@gmail.com).

I have an entire line of personalized products for cancer patients, including salves and creams appropriate for preparing and healing the skin at various stages of radiation therapy. I also can provide guidance about herbs, foods, and activities appropriate and inappropriate at various stages of treatment (e.g., before, during, after radiation or chemotherapy).

Need a great, rich, all-purpose, healing cream for the winter? Perfect gift for the holidays? I'm currently taking orders for this concoction I make lovingly in small batches, with wildcrafted and locally organically grown herbs, high quality oils and therapeutic grade essential oils that I can also personalize for you, along with other useful products.:

Winter Cream and Holiday Gifts