Fermentation Recipes

The basic recipe for krauting is: with very clean or gloved hands, sprinkle 1-3 Tablespoons salt over 1 quart cut up cabbage/leafy green (works best if something from the Brassicaceae (Mustard) family is at least included).  Massage it in well until a fair amount of liquid squeezes out, then stuff it into a glass jar. Push it down below the liquid with a fork every day for 3 days, until it doesn't rise above the liquid anymore and it gets a strong vinegary scent (that's your lactic acid that's been produced by your beneficial bacteria you've grown).  Alternatively, you can weight it down with a clean stone or glass. You can get super creative and add a variety of spices and herbs--make it different every time, and super medicinal if you use medicinal herbs! Extra wild if you use wild plants!  You can alternatively make a brine with 1-3 Tbsp salt to 1 quart water and pour that over your raw cut-up veggies, and again make sure to weight it down.  Please tune back here or join one of my upcoming workshops for some specific recipes to try out!  If you attended one of my workshops and would like a written recipe and/or medicinal action and contraindication descriptions for something I covered that wasn't included on a handout/you've misplaced the handout, please feel welcome to email me at herbalmagik@yahoo.com.   Happy fermenting!