Helpful Herbal Hint of the Week

1.  How to avoid Rat Lungworm Disease?  Part of living in harmony with nature is keeping an awareness of and respect for other organisms which share our ecosystem but may harm our health.  This disease is caused by a parasitic nematode which lives part of its life cycle in slugs and snails (and another part in rats). It has been found on Oahu in the past but the recent documented cases of human infection in Hawaii have been from the Big Island.   It is very important for us to grow and source our food locally, but to also make sure to inspect it and wash it well before consuming it, as infected slugs and snails can be quite small and very lightly colored.  Washing greens to be eaten raw thoroughly under clean running water then soaking them for at least 10 minutes in a solution of salt and vinegar water can help remove slugs and snails.  Cooking well kills the hosts and the parasites.

2.  Grapefruit + Coffee or Tea = extra caffeine buzz
Did you know that GRAPEFRUIT affects how your body deals with many medicines and toxins?!  If you love this healthy fruit and juice as much as I do (and its other sour relatives), please ask your doctor before consuming it if you are taking prescription medications.
Enhances the power of caffeine!  If you consume it for breakfast with your coffee or tea, expect to feel the caffeine more...  Pomelo, sour orange, and Bergamot (flavors Earl Grey tea) contain compounds that deactivate enzymes (Cytochrome P450) in your intestines that break down caffeine (as well as other medicine and toxins).