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Upcoming Public Workshops & Classes:

*January 26, 2019, 2-4pm at Sacred Owl Wellness (Fort Collins) hands-on workshopGrow Your Own Probiotic Medicine: Kombucha. 
I will explain the magnificent health benefits of the probiotic living beverage Kombucha, offer you Kombucha “mocktails” to try, teach you how to grow this amazing symbiotic organism yourself, and discuss lesser-known great uses for kombucha and SCOBYs.   What you need to grow your own lifetime supply of Kombucha will be provided. Pre-registration is required through Sacred Owl Wellness, hope to see you there!

*Hands-on workshops at Sacred Owl Wellness, every two weeks. Pre-registration required. Please check back for updates! I'm currently taking requests for specific topics and ideal time slots at HerbalmagikLLC@gmail.com  :)

*Herbal gift making (TBA & by request).

*Anatomy & Physiology for Holistic Health Professionals for-credit course (MST 106) at Front Range Community College, Spring 2019, TR 9-11 am. 4 credits.  This class is open to all and a great way to learn about A&P in a fun context that is very hands-on and participatory with a strong active learning focus. We cover the entire body in 1 semester.

*Earn college credit as you learn how to work with herbs in my hands-on Herbology I class at Front Range Community College!  It meets 5 times for 3 hours per session, Wednesdays 1-4pm, Spring 2019, at the Loveland Campus. 1 Credit.  Taking Herbology II for the next 10 weeks in the same time slot and location is highly recommended!

*Continue your herbal education with Herbology II class at Front Range Community College!  It meets 10 times for 3 hours per session, Wednesdays 1-4pm, Spring 2019, at the Loveland Campus. 2 Credits.  This class is a continuation of Herbology I and taught at the same location and time slot.

*Intro to Aromatherapy online for-credit course at Front Range Community College, Holistic Health/Integrative Health Professionals Program (HHP/IHP) Spring 2019. 1 credit.

*Regular workshops on herbal medicine and product making, fermentation, and wild foods for The Growing Project 

*Other workshops on Herbal Medicine, Herbal Product Making, Fermentation & Probiotics, Gardening, and Sustainability
*Tutoring/mini academic courses (Anatomy & Physiology; Herbalism Topics; Statistics; Biology; Writing, and Properly using and citing peer-reviewed literature)

(Note: My current home base is Fort Collins, CO. I also travel occasionally to the Hawaiian Islands, Las Vegas, and the San Francisco Bay Area, so I teach workshops in those locations by request as well and online/via Skype.) 

To sign up for university courses, non-university classes or consultations, to order herbs or products, or to inquire about personalized classes for your group or possible healing trades, please email Laura at herbalmagikLLC@gmail.com