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Short papers

A Pilot Study Examining the Online Behavior of Web Users with Visual Impairments
Julian Brinkley and Nasseh Tabrizi

Voice-Controlled Search User Interfaces for Young Users
Tatiana Gossen, Michael Kotzyba, Sebastian Stober and Andreas Nuernberger

Motivations and Expectations for Asking Questions Within Online Q&A
Erik Choi

Users’ Perceived Difficulties and Corresponding Reformulation Strategies in Voice Search
Wei Jeng, Jiepu Jiang and Daqing He

Toward a Model of Mobile User Engagement
Heather O'Brien, Rafa Absar and Helen Halbert

A Conversational Agent-based Clinical Trial Search Engine
Dina Utami, Barbara Barry, Timothy Bickmore and Michael Paasche-Orlow

A Query Formulation Assistance Method Proposal for Collaborative Search Scenarios
Clarisa Pérez-Jasso, Julio Rodríguez and Rolando Salazar

Segmental Analysis of the User Online Search Process
Chathra Hendahewa and Chirag Shah

Speak to Me: A wizard of Oz Study
Xiaojun Yuan, Nicholas Belkin and Ning Sa

Towards A Conceptual Model of Long-Term Online Health Information Behavior
Michael Zarro

User Expressions of Relevance Judgment Certainty
Aiman Al-Harbi and Mark Smucker

Designing for E-Government Search
Luanne Freund, Rick Kopak, Kristof Kessler and Tracey Vanteghem

Beyond Scavenger Hunts: Designing Tasks for Youth Interactive Information Retrieval
Eric Meyers, Natalie Schembri and Emily Orr

A Task-based Approach to Mobile Information Interactions
Rafa Absar and Heather O'Brien

User Study Insights for Improved Meta-index Searching
Michael Huggett and Edie Rasmussen

Dynamic Linking: Interactive Filtering Of Web Search Results Using Automatically Generated Tags
Marcus Nitsche and Andreas Nuernberger