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Short papers

Papers presented in the plenary session
Encouraging Behavior: A Foray into Persuasive Computing

Elena Agapie, Gene Golovchinsky, Pernilla Qvarfordt

Pseudo-Collaboration as a Method to Perform Selective Algorithmic Mediation in Collaborative IR Systems
Roberto González-Ibáñez, Chirag Shah, Ryen White

Web User Interaction Mining from Touch-Enabled Mobile Devices
Jeff Huang, Abdigani Diriye

Standards Opportunities around Data-Bearing Web Pages
David Karger

Designing for Consumer Search Behaviour
Tony Russell-Rose, Stephann Makri

Papers presented as posters only
Erik Choi, Vanessa Kitzie, Chirag Shah

Roberto González-Ibáñez, Chirag Shah

Vanessa Kitzie, Erik Choi, Chirag Shah
Jingjing Liu, Chang Suk Kim

Youssef Meguebli, Fabrice Popineau, Bich-Lien Doan

Aditi Muralidharan, Marti A. Hearst

Marcus Nitsche, Andreas Nuernberger
Marcus Nitsche, Andreas Nuernberger

Christopher Sasarak, Kevin Hart, Siyu Zhu, Richard Pospesel, David Stalnaker, Lei Hu, Robert Livolsi, Richard Zanibbi

Zhen Yue, Shuguang Han, Daqing He

Michael Zarro

Vladimir Zelevinsky

Xiangmin Zhang, Jingjing Liu, Xiaojun Yuan, Michael J. Cole, Nick Belkin, Chang Liu

Poster-only presentations
Predicting Task Difficulty from a User's Moment to Moment Cognitive Effort During Information Seeking
Michael J. Cole, Jacek Gwizdka, Chang Liu, Nicholas J. Belkin

Investigating the Effect of Visualization on User Performance of Information Systems
Xiaojun Yuan

Effects of Domain Knowledge on User Task Performance in a Knowledge Domain Visualization System
Xiaojun Yuan, Chaomei Chen, Xiangmin Zhang, Josh Avery, Tao Xu