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Partitioning the Web: Shaping Online Consumer Choice
Jolie M. Martin and Michael I. Norton (Harvard)

Record Relationship Navigation: Implications for Information Access and Discovery 
Christina Anderson (Endeca)

Faceted Browsing, Dynamic Interfaces, and Exploratory Search: Experiences and Challenges
Robert Capra and Gary Marchionini (University of North Carolina)

Idea Navigation: Structured Browsing for Unstructured Text 
Robin Stewart (MIT), Gregory Scott (Tufts), and Vladimir Zelevinsky (Endeca)

GK: A post-search information retrieval system
Joseph Barillari (Harvard / MIT)

A Knowledge-Based Search Engine Powered by Wikipedia
David Milne, Ian H. Witten, and David M. Nichols (University of Waikato)

Visual Text Analysis by Lay Users: The Case of “Many Eyes”
Fernanda B. Viégas and Martin Wattenberg (IBM Research)

Personal Information Management, Personal Information Retrieval? 
Michael Bernstein (MIT), Max Van Kleek (MIT), David R. Karger (MIT), and mc schraefel (University of Southampton)

Collaborative Exploratory Search
Jeremy Pickens and Gene Golovchinsky (FXPAL)