Huan Ha

(Hà Thúc Huân)

I completed my PhD in Economics at CORE/LIDAM – Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium) under the supervision of Prof. Paul Belleflamme and Prof. Thierry Bréchet in the framework of the IECOMAT project funded by BELSPO.

My research interest is Industrial Organization with a focus on business strategies and environmental issues. For my PhD thesis, I study the potential of business models such as recycling, P2P sharing, and pay-per-use as business models for the circular economy. Click here for a summary of my thesis.

I am also interested in Data Analysis, particularly the use of Python to visualize and analyze data.

Email : huan.ha[at]

PhD Thesis Defense: Essays in Industrial Organization and Business Models for the Circular Economy

On July 5th, I defended my PhD thesis. I am very grateful to my two supervisors Paul Belleflamme and Thierry Bréchet, as well as Johannes Johnen, Johan Eyckmans and Bernard Sinclair-Desgagné for accepting to be members of my jury.

Sharing economy and tourism: who wins and who loses?

You've probably heard about Uber, Airbnb and you may wonder what are the impacts on the tourism industry and the society of these peer-to-peer sharing platforms. Here is an extended translation of an article Paul Belleflamme and I published in the journal 'En Question' (see the original version in French here) on the topic.

Dynamic bar chart to visualize the evolution of the number of case of infection by COVID-19 in Belgium

Using Python package , we can create dynamic bar charts that can help us visualize (and hopefully understand better) the evolution of the number of people infected by COVID-19 in Belgium.

Interactive map with Python to visualize the spread of COVID-19

Using Python package, we can plot dynamic-interactive maps to visualize the spread of COVID-19 over time with different options for the form of the map and the representation of data.