Welcome to GO4ST8 Physics

Our organization was developed over twenty years ago by physics teachers for persons interested in physics education in the state of Minnesota. There are no dues, just an interest in sharing ideas that can improve physics education and the persons attending the meetings.

There are usually 4 meetings a year. We have had people attend who live in northern Iowa or northern Minnesota and we try to accommodate these participants by scheduling meetings from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM on Saturdays (the 2nd Saturday of odd-numbered months). It is usually easier to attend a meeting on a Saturday morning versus a weekday. An important part of the meetings is the networking that is developed. Participants gain because of the variety of expertise of all the participants.

There is a newsletter sent to some schools. The newsletter describes particular meetings and usually contains information that can be used in the classroom. The ideas for make and takes give an idea of some of the sharing that goes on at the meetings and is for persons who live too far away to attend meetings.

Participants are always welcomed and are encouraged to bring others with them.

Steve Ethen