Blink Digital 13 LED

On Arduino, digital 13 pin is permanently connected to a LED. On FreeJALduino this is connected via a jumper, making this optional and freeing the pin if required.


Not required. Just assure that:

- the blue jumper is in right position, enabling D13 LED on FreeJALduino5 board

- the D13 LED is activated by jumper on FreeJALduino board

The code:

-- Move the blue jumper to the right (FreeJALduino5) to connect the red LED to D13 pin
include freejalduino4 -- the board pinout definitions, PICtarget, clock and boot
-- delay library
include delay
enable_digital_io() -- all pins are now digital
D13_direction = OUTPUT -- set pin RC2/D13 as output
forever loop
  D13 = HIGH
  delay_1ms(250) -- delay 250 milliseconds
  D13 = LOW
end loop