RC1602A-E LCD JAL library

Post date: Mar 25, 2011 6:52:18 PM

Some time ago, I bought an RC1602A-GHW-ESX LCD but I had no time for it. I intended to use it as a serial display for my laboratory so, I tried to test it in 4bit mode, to see how it works. I used first a 18F2525 but no luck. I thought is a PIC problem, so I tried with 18F2550 - didn't worked. The LCD was brand new so I didn't thought it was defective.

After a quick search on Internet, I found that it use a ST7066U processor which come in three flavors, A, B and C (AFAIK), each having a different set of characters (mine is B variant). I used it with HD44780 libraries and that was the reason of trouble. The ST7066U processor use a different initialization procedure but this is the only (almost, second is a bigger delay after the "clear screen" command) difference between the two processors.

The testing bed (that paper with printed circuit have nothing to do with the test):

Jal libraries are attached bellow: