Jal projects

OK! Here are JAL (using Jallib, JalPack and other libraries) based projects and tutorials, using FreeJALduino layer to simulate Arduino. At least, at pinout level. For a some how accurate simulation use Pinguino IDE for Arduino language. Hope this page will become huge ;)

1. Location of the sources

You can find the sources (most of them) in following folders:

  • C:\jal\project\FreeJALduino\FreeJALduino5\examples\
  • C:\jal\project\FreeJALduino\FreeJALduino\examples\

2. Boards used

  • FreeJALduino
  • FreeJALduino5
  • EvB 4.3 version 4 - it is an ATmega16/32/644p development board but I use it for his preripherals and is highly configurable. I think is also very useful for JAT development.
  • Evaluation Board with PIC18F46K22.
  • and a breadboard, of course ;)

3. The projects