sNews 1.7 with KPicasa mod

Ok this is my port of KPicasa Wordpress plug in for sNews 1.7.

It don't have a control panel yet, but soon ...

Until then, please test the package posted at "Attachments" (below). See the update note bellow.

Here you can see KPicasa at work on a site made by me. Is on an older version of sNews (1.6). Unfortunately, the owner migrated to another CMS, and I don't have a live demonstration to show you :-( . I will keep the pictures below.

Update 20 March 2009

Added control panel for easy setting.

Upgraded highslide engine at latest version, 4.1 .

Added slimbox2 engine (but is broken right now).

Added language variables for easy internationalisation (see EN.php file).

Update 22 March 2009

Removed some useless sample images which come as gallery example with one of javascript engines (don't remember now what engine, lightbox or highslide). The overall package size is now acceptable. Here is still one big .PSD file for graphic element customization of highslide look.