FreeJALduino HID Bootloader

As stated here, my FreeJALduino board is also revised.

Hardware changes

The ICSP connector had to go. All required pins are available via Arduino connector so, you can still connect a Pickit 2 programmer using some wires. Easy. I've added an extra switch on RA4 pin (the LED on that pin had to go) for boot at reset time, a jumper to enable/disable the 10K pull-down resistor on this button in case you want to use RA4 on something else. The LED on RC2 pin remains and is used by the bootloader - you can use it on your application if needed, along with the boot (user) button.

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Software changes

The bootloader is now the Microchip HID Bootloader. The old bootloader had a timeout of 10 seconds to enter in boot mode. With the HID bootloader you can enter in boot mode whenever you want and also, your application can start instantly - better for the final application. For the PC Uploader, which can be compiled for Windows, Linux and Mac, you have to download the legacy MLA from here..


You can download the Eagle files bellow. The bootloader sources can be downloaded at the end of this page..