Pinguino P8B2 HID Bootloader

I'm doing some changes to my boards, trying to make them have more points in common as the same bootloader or, at least, the same behavior of the bootloader, and same pins used for the same functions.

Hardware changes on Pinguino P8B2

It will include the Microchip's HID Bootloader by default as Microchip strongly advise us to use it in new designs, a switch on RA4 pin to enter in boot mode at reset time, and a LED on RC2 pin to signal the boot mode - this will be standard on my boards. Also, J1 jumper connects the board at 5V rail from USB if desired. J2 jumper enables/disables the boot (user) LED.

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Software changes

The fact that will use the HID Bootloader, that means you can use only the languages/compilers who can relocate the user application to 0x1000 address (C18, XC8, PMP, JALv2). The immediate advantage of this bootloader compared with the one from the first board is that you will have the PC Uploader software available for all the three major operating systems.

Libraries should be written for C18, XC8, PMP and JALv2 compilers (maybe not for XC8) - when time permits.


You can download bellow the Eagle files and the bootloader sources, tuned for our hardware configuration. The bootloader sources must be compiled with the linux version of C18 as is a full version. But if you cannot compile, look inside archive and you will find also the .hex file.