5V SD-Card breadboard

A SD Card breadboard in SPI mode, useful for fast testing but also can be used in final projects, specially in loggers and CNC Router controllers. It uses through hole components so I hope it will not impose difficulties in building it. The PCB can be made using toner transfer method or using a home made CNC Router.

Note: The board use SD Card metallic shield as a bridge so, you must solder all shield legs.


  1. If you use the LDO (LM3940), then no need to place the JP4 and JP5 jumpers and R11 and R12 resistors;
  2. If you don't have the LDO, then place te components above and close the jumpers;
  3. If you need to activate the pull-up resistors, then close the JP1 jumper (I'm afraid here I will need a jumper for every pull-up resistor).

The Eagle files.

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