Jaluino BeHeHe

UPDATE June 09, 2011: I managed to move all vias that were under the components and made the outer diameter a little larger to prevent fabrication errors, but also having the possibility to be soldered by hand when the board is made on a CNC Router. See the attached .brd file (the photo of the board reflect the last modifications) . As a tip regarding to changes, always look at the file version from attachments.

This is an universal board based on 18F46J50, 18F46J53 PIC microcontrollers, on TQFP44 package. It is an USB development board, which include RTC and a MicroSD card. It is useful for a lot of applications involving SD card (mp3 players, CNCRouters) and RTC (loggers, clocks and alarms). With very little modifications on schematic and PCB design, you can use a 18F46K22 PIC (even a 5V device) , but then no USB feature available. The Eagle project files are attached at the end of page and provided under New BSD license.


- 18F46J50 or 18F46J53 3.3V device

- 64Kb Flash, 4KB RAM

- RTC clock on board

- MicroSD card on board

- Power LED

- Boot LED

- All I/O pins available on extension connectors.

- USB or external powered (5Vcc via USB or 3.3Vcc - 5Vcc external).

- RESET switch

- The board can be breadboardable on two breadboards. It can be used in a final project using a specific host-board.

- Project designed to be produced at SeeedStudio as cheap as possible.


The board is in final form. It must look as in image. As you can see, there are un-routed traces. Don't route them (the ones from the RTC Crystal)! The nets are there to allow customization of the board (different microcontroller and features). You have been warned!


If you make a lot of money selling this board, I would like to receive one board ...