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Samuel Pollard Halls

Samuel Pollard Halls was born in Crediton, Devon, England in 1838.  He was the son of Philip Halls who was a mason by training, and later a Bible Christian lay preacher in Canada, and Sarah Pollard.  Samuel had a younger brother, John Philip Halls.

In 1851 at the age of 13 Samuel, his mother Sarah, and his younger brother John emigrated to Canada.  From what I can tell his father Philip went ahead to Canada to prepare for the rest of the family. The record at this time is spotty.  Samuel, John and Sarah appear in the 1851 census of England, but Philip does not.  They appear together as a family in the 1852 census of Canada, living in Mosa twp, Middlesex County, Canada West (Ontario).  For some reason there is a Sarah Halls, of the correct age, but listed as being in Westminster twp, Middlesex County, with her brother-in-law, Thomas.  Sadly the family was not reunited for long.  Sarah died in 1852, shortly after the census.  She is buried in the graveyard of Trinity Anglican Church, in Lambeth, Ontario (just southwest of London).

Samuel next appears in the records in the 1861 census of Canada in Usborne twp, Huron County.  He is sharing a residence with his uncle, James Halls.  It was probably about this time that people began to refer to Samuel Pollard as SP.  Eventually the nickname became so common, and Samuel Pollard so well known in the area, that his name on his death record is just SP Halls.

Sometime between 1861 and 1864 SP married Charlotte Borbridge, and in January of 1865 the first of their three children were born.  Those children were George William (1865-1872), Edward Albert (1866-1872), and Philip Henry (1872).  Sadly all three of his children died in late August and early September of 1872 from dysentery.  The forms recording their deaths show one of the saddest things I have seen.  SP was the clerk of Usborne twp at the time his children died, so in the death records for his children he lists himself as both the informant, and as the township clerk.

Samuel Pollard Halls
from the Huron Expositor
July 6th, 1900
At some point SP developed an interest in education and teaching,  In
1862 he attended the Toronto Normal School (what would later be the Ontario Teachers College).  In the 1871 census of Canada he is listed as a school teacher.  In 1886 he received a BA from Victoria University in Cobourg (now part of the University of Toronto), and in 1890, he received his MA.  He was the Science Master of the Goderich High School from 1876 to 1892, and Assistant Master from at least 1877.  From 1895 he was the Principal of the Goderich Public and Model Schools.  He was very involved in the setting up of the school system in Huron and Muskoka. He is listed as being a speaker at a conference (what we might now call workshops) for training teachers in August of 1877 in Parry Sound.

Samuel Pollard Halls died on June 27, 1900, in Goderich.  He is buried in Maitland Cemetery, Goderich, Ontario, with his wife Charlotte, who died on April 7, 1910

Headstone of SP Halls and his wife Charlotte Borbridge, Goderich, Ontario

  Headstone of the children of SP Halls and Charlotte Borbridge, Elimville, Ontario