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Halibut with Ginger Lime Butter

  • Take a piece of halibut, this is enough for two people. and season it with salt and pepper. Use white pepper if you are concerned about the black specks but I like them.
  • Have ready a generous chunk of butter, the rind from one lime and a half inch chunk of fresh ginger.
  • Squeeze the juice from the lime and set aside with the zest, ginger and butter.
  • In a heavy pan heat some olive oil with a bit of butter and sear the halibut for a few minutes on one side then carefully turn it over and cook it through for a couple minutes. Don't over cook this yummy fish. Set the fish aside, covered with a foil tent.
  • Toss in the rest of the butter, ginger, lime zest and lime juice and let it sizzle and reduce slightly. The butter will brown just a little, not too long or it will burn and blacken and that is not good. Pour your ginger lime butter sauce over your fish and serve with some lovely new potatoes and some colourful peppers.
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