DIY Youtube subscriber counter

I have gotten quite a few questions about the electronics that turn my 7-Segment counter 
into an IoT Youtube subscriber counter.

So, if you can make use of a basic circuit diagram, here it is.
It is more or less a stripped down Arduino with an on-board driver for a uni-polar stepper motor.
A linear hall effect sensor indexes the initial count after power-up. Multiple digits can be chained
together to display larger numbers and there is also an option for an ESP01 module available. 
The count can be fed to the first digit from the outside via serial-in (e.g. from a Raspberry Pi)
or the first digit can be equipped with a Wifi module.

I am currently working on a version of the board that uses only Seeed Studio's OPL parts.
This would make it really easy to order assembled boards.
Samples are in the mail...





Additional Resources

(I kept going back to the page for clear wiring diagrams while re-programming the wifi module)

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