Dragon Empire


The Dragon Empire descended from the Thule Empire. It still survives today, although mostly in token form. It has been supplanted by the Malachite Empire.


The Dragon Empire was passed to Doleman by his father, Thule. The Mother of Storms herself placed the great Dragon standard in his hands.

Doleman received the Dragon as his symbol, and he ruled from Charystos. Barrow received the Phoenix as his symbol, and ruled from the city of Rhakotis. Cairne received the Griffon as his symbol, and he ruled from Fort Resolute.

The brothers fought against each other, each Emperor unable to defeat the others.

Unlike the other Emperors, Thule did not age. He remained at the head of his Empire, although with time, his attentions wandered elsewhere, and his empire descended into internal squabbling.

Unwilling to tolerate the disintegration of the Dragon Empire, Thelonius Sanjar, Captain of the Malachite Guard, the Emperor's personal dwarven bodyguard, organized a coup. Although he wrested Charyastos for himself, he was unable to wrest the Palace of Eternity from the Dragon Emperor, nor was he able to wrest control of the Imperial Treasury.

After a protracted war, Doleman negotiated a peace with Thelonius. Doleman recognized the Malachite Empire and relinquished suzeranty of the Dragon Empire, but retained control of the Palace of Eternity, all Imperial Palaces, and their surrounding lands. In return, Thelonius recognized the Dragon Emperor, and gave his sister Nadira to the Dragon Emperor in marriage.

Shortly after settling his peace with the Dragon Emperor, Sanjar the Great died, and his son, Sanjar II, now rules.


The Dragon Empire, housed in the Palace of Eternity, is an independent state inside Charystos. The palace itself is a massive construct, half a kilometer on each side. Her population is approximately twenty thousand, mostly staff and guards. She operates in every way as a state. Her estimated wealth stands at over a hundred thousand talents of gold. Her military forces are negligible, existing only as a token force.

The Dragon Emperor has reconsidered his life. Losing his empire freed him to pursue other agendas. He formed a secret society called the Golden Circle whose goal is to nurture and train those who would fight against the Bloodletters, and to establish and rebuild the civilizations of the world.

Dragon Empress Nadira is from the ruling Sanjar family and a dwarf. She is heavily involved in Malachite politics, especially succession.


  • Use what resources the Empire still has to rekindle good in this world.


  • Opposing the Bloodletters.
  • Finding new talent to fight and build.
  • Malachite politics.


  • Dragon Emperor Doleman.
  • Dragon Empress Nadira

Headquarters and Locations

  • Palace of Eternity, Charystos.
  • Dragon Imperial Palace.
  • Innumerable other small palaces.

Adventure Hooks

  • Eliminate a Bloodletter cult in Charyastos.
  • Sneak into the Palace of Eternity and steal information.
  • Work for agents in the Palace of Eternity, and eventually the Dragon Emperor himself.


  • Capital: Charyastos
  • Other palaces.