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About the Author

Douglas Milewski has been writing novels since 2008. He debuted with "Weeds Among Stone" in 2010. His novels take inspiration from literary fantasy while retaining the earthiness of sword and sorcery. His styles best compares to Jane Yolen and Robin McKinley.

He is currently working on a series of Pabi Ae novels.

Note to Readers: If you can't afford my books, write me. I'll send you a copy. I want you as my fan. If you want advanced copies or you want to read drafts as I'm writing, email me. I'm always interested in getting more reviews and more feedback so that I can write better books for people just like you.

Endhaven Novels

Dwarf Shamaness

Maran is a young widow called to ... something. Dwarves don't have a word for shamaness, but they sure do need one. In these tales, Maran learns that being a shamaness is a call to service, and that the ability to speak with gods means that any god, even the worst kind, gets to speak with you.

Dwarf Shamaness: The Complete Series

Swan Song

Swan Song follows the last days of Targa Tik, dragon rider of Astrea. Set in Endhaven, this wuxia inspired story pits Targa against opponents both living and dead, both mortal and immortal, until her final defeat.

A Crown of Silver Stars was named a finalist for Best Fantasy Novel (2016) by eFestivalOfWords.
All the Saints Are Dead  The Wind Before the Storm  A Crown of Silver Stars  The Phoenix and the Swan

Swan Song

Other Works


In the Works

  • Maid of ... (2017) - A novel series focusing on Pabi Ae.
  • Crystal Hope (tbd) - Five teenage girls strive to save the world in this homage to the early Final Fantasy games.