US Made For UK INSERT SLICK + Gray Label "EX"port Vinyl + Special Print RCA Sleeve!!!

MEGA-RARE Semi-Gloss, 1-Sided, Green, B&W INSERT SLICK Made In US Exclusively For UK 45

Including US Pressed for UK "EX" Vinyl PLUS "Prt. in U.S.A." RCA UK Sleeve!!!

ONE Pressing M Insert Slick / M Vinyl 45 & EX RCA Sleeve.

1974 / # RCA 2458EX

With Great Anticipation, ERR is Proud to bring YOU, another King Elvis Triple Rarity! With the kind assistance of our former UK office, we've obtained 1 copy of this gem through one of their ex RCA UK contacts! Due to Severe Energy Conservation imposed by the UK government from 12/73-3/74, vinyl was not being pressed in the UK! This industry disruption is responsible for the US manufacturing of this product exclusively for the UK. Please see pics of the RCA press release for full details, as well as the Gray label Export 45 in its Original UK RCA company sleeve with "Prt. in USA"! This US Special Printing RCA Sleeve for UK, is as near Rare as the Slick! Please see "Presleyana 8" & "ElvisRecords.com" for confirmed details. Please note, although it was incorrectly reverted in print, "Presleyana 8" has the Insert Slick book valued at $800 & the Vinyl 45 at $200. $1000 for Insert-Slick & Record. It does Not include the ultra-rare "Prt. in USA" RCA Sleeve! Edits to be in "Presleyana 9" & newly confirmed info added... "RCA NY, US, pressed the vinyl & boxed them in cartons for shipment to the UK. Inserts were enclosed to display & confirm contents for tarif, customs & UK RCA identification purposes." For 44+ years, it had been a mystery as to the Inserts origin...until Now! In the UK, these were so highly sought after, it was even booted! But Not this bad boy!! 100% guaranteed legit, obtained from UK ex employee of RCA, this is the Real Deal!! BEWARE of sellers trying to pass boot - counterfeits - repos off as Legit copies! How many Authentic copies were printed is unknown, but how many survived is Minimal! Printed on machine cut 7X7 semi-gloss paper, it looks & feels very similar to the front side of any Elvis p/s from that period.

This pristine Mint Insert Slick, With Gray Label "EX" Record, Plus Mega Rare UK RCA "Prt. in USA" Sleeve can be Yours! Don't Miss Out!

Another Go Kat Wild King Collectible For YOUR Collection!

M/M/EX (Vinyl/Insert/Sleeve)

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