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01)  The Elvis Presley Story. James Gregory, 1956. Rare paperback.

02)  Elvis: A Legendary Performance. Joe Esposito, 1990. Softcover, autograph; limited edition # 474.

03)  Operation Elvis. Alan Levy, 1960.

04)  On Stage, Elvis Presley. Kathleen Bowman, 1976.

05)  Elvis: A Biography. Jerry Hopkins, 1971.

06)  Elvis: The Final Years. Jerry Hopkins, 1980.

07)  Good Rockin' Tonight: Joe Esposito and Elena Oumano, 1994.

08) That's Alright, Elvis. Scotty Moore, 1997. With press kit.

09)  Elvis: In The Twilight Of Memory. June Juanico, 1997.

10)  Elvis Up Close: In The Words Of Those Who Knew Him Best. Rose Clayton & Dick Heard, 1994.

11)  The Boy Who Would Be King. Earl Greenwood and Kathleen Tracy, 1990. With publicity kit.

12)  Elvis, We Love You Tender. Dee Presley, Billy, Rick and David Stanley, 1979.

13)  Elvis, My Brother: An Intimate Memoir Of Life With The King. B. Stanley and G. Erikson, 1989.

14)  The Elvis Encyclopedia. David Stanley(Elvis' StepBrother) & F. Coffey, 1994. With press kit.

15)  Elvis Aaron Presley: Revelations From The Memphis Mafia. Alanna Nash, 1995.

16)  Baby, Let's Play House; Elvis Presley & The Woman Who Loved Him. Alana Nash, 2010

17)  Elvis Presley's Graceland Gates. Harold Loyd, 1987. Written by Elvis' cousin and gate-keeper.

18)  Inside Elvis. Ed Parker, 1978.

19)  A Presley Speaks. Vester Presley, 1978.

20)  A Presley Speaks. Vester Presley, 1978. Boxed leatherbound special edition with autograph.

21)  If I Can Dream: Elvis' Own Story. L. Gelter, J. Spector & P. Romanowski, 1989. With press kit.

22)  Elvis Presley: The Family Album. George Klein, 2007.

23)  Elvis And The Colonel. May Mann, 1975.

24)  Elvis And The Colonel. Dirk Vellenga, 1988.

25)  My Boy Elvis: The Colonel Tom Parker Story. Sean O'Neal, 1998.

26)  Elvis And Gladys. Elaine Dundyu, 1985.

27)  Elvis And Me. Priscilla Beaulieu Presley and Sandra Harmon, 1985.

28)  In The Shadow Of The King: Priscilla, Elvis, And Me. Michael Edwards, 1988.

29)  Elvis: Portrait Of A Friend. Marty Lacker, Patsy Lacker and Leslie S. Smith, 1979. With 4 Covers.

30)  I Called Him Babe: Elvis Presley's Nurse Remembers. Marian J. Cocke, 1979.

31)  My Life With Elvis. Becky Yancey and Cliff Eindecker, 1977.

32)  Graceland: Going Home With Elvis. Karal Ann Marling, 1996.

33)  cook; pub. photo

34)  Graceland: The Living Legacy Of Elvis Presley. Collins Publishers, 1993. With press kit and slide.

35)  Elvis, A Celebration. Mike Evans, 2002.

36)  Elvis Presley: An Illustrated Biography. Rainer Wallrat and Heinz Plehn, 1978.

37)  Elvis: The Illustrated Record. Roy Carr and Mick Farren, 1982.


01)  Elvis, The Sun Years: The Story Of Elvis Presley In The Fifties. Howard A. Dewitt, 1993.

02)  Sun Records: The Brief History Of The Legendary Record Label. C. Escott & M. Hawkins, 1975.

03)  Good Rockin' Tonight. Colin Escott and Martin Hawkins, 1991. With press insert.

04)  Mystery Train: Images Of America In Rock 'N Roll Music. Greil Marcus, 1975.

05)  Elvis Just For You: A Special Goldmine Anthology. Joey Foerster, 1987.

06)  Elvis: His Films And Recordings. Andrew A. Aros, 1980.

07)  Record Collector. # 27. November 1981. Featuring Elvis: The Memphis Sessions.

08)  Elvis: The Illustrated Discography, with bootlegs and film details. M. Hawkins / C. Escott, 1981.

09)  Reconsider Baby: Sessionography, 1954-1977. E. Jorgensen, E. Rasmussen & J. Mikkelsen, 1984.

10)  Elvis Presley Reference Guide And Discography. John A. Whisler, 1981.

11)  Jailhouse Rock: Bootleg Records Of Elvis Presley, 1970-1983. L. Cotten and H.A. Dewitt, 1983.

12)  All Shook Up: Elvis Day By Day, 1954-1977. Lee Cotten, 1985.

13)  Elvis Presley: A Life In Music, The Complete Recording Sessions. Ernst Jorgensen, 1998.

14)  Elvis Recording Sessions. Ernst Jorgensen, Erik Rasmussen and Johnny Mikkelsen, 1984.

15)  Elvis Presley Recording Sessions. Ernst Jorgensen, Erik Rasmussen and Johnny Mikkelsen, 1977.

16)  Elvis Presley: A Study In Modern Music. Robert Matthew Walker, 1979.

17)  Return To Sender: Complete Discography Of Elvis' Tribute & Novelty Records. H. Banney, 1987.

18)  Elvis: His Life From A To Z. Fred L. Worth and Steve D. Tamerius, 1990.

19)  The Elvis Encyclopedia. Adam Victor. Overlook, 2008.

20)  The Ultimate Elvis: Elvis Presley Day By Day. Patricia Jobe Pierce, 1994. With press insert.

21)  "E" Is For Elvis. Caroline Latham and Jeannie Sakol, 1990. With publicity insert.

22)  Elvis Day By Day. Peter Guralnick and Ernst Jorgensen, 1999. With press insert.

23)  The King On The Road: Elvis Live On Tour, 1954 to 1977. Robert Gordon, 1996.

24)  The Elvis Atlas: A Journey Through Elvis Presley's America. M. Gray and R. Osborne, 1996.

25)  Last Train To Memphis: The Rise Of Elvis Presley. Peter Guralnick, 1994. With press kit.

26)  Last Train To Memphis: The Rise Of Elvis Presley. Peter Guralnick, 1999. 2-bookset.

27)  Careless Love: The Unmaking Of Elvis Presley. Peter Guralnick, 1999. 2-book set.

28)  Lost Highway: Journeys And Arrivals Of America's Musicians. Peter Guralnick, 1979.

29)  Elvis, Inc. Sean O'Neal, 1996. With publicity insert.

30)  Elvis, The Official Auction Catalogue: Archives Of Graceland. H. Abrams, 1999. Press insert.

31)  Elvis: Portrait Of A King. Susan Doll, 1995.

32)  Everything Elvis. Joni Mabe, 1996.

33)  Elvis World. Jane and Michael Stern, 1987.

34)  The Complete Elvis. Jerry Osborne and Randall Jones, 1977.

35)  The Complete Elvis. Delilah, 1982.

36)  The Boy Who Dared To Rock: The Definitive Elvis. Paul Lichter, 1978.

37)  Elvis Presley Price Guide. 1985-86 edition. O'Sullivan and Woodside, 1985.

38)  Presleyana Price Guide. Complete list of Elvis' recordings, 1st ed. Osborne / Hamilton, 1980.

39)  Elvis Presley Record Price Guide. 2nd edition. Jerry Osborne, 1983.

40)  The Elvis Catalog. Lee Cotten, 1987.

41)  All American Elvis. Ron Barry, 1976.

42)  Elvis: The King Of Rock And Roll. BMG Publishing Division, 1992.

43)  The Films And Career Of Elvis Presley. Steven and Boris Zmijewsky, 1976.

44)  Elvis: A Portrait In Music. Paul Lichter, 1983.

45)  Elvis: Like Any Other Soldier. Jerry Osborne, 2010.


01)  Elvis: A Tribute To His Life. Susan Doll, 1989. With press kit.

02)  Elvis: The King Lives. John Alvarez Taylor, 1990.

03)  Elvis On Stage: That's The Way It Is. MGM Japan, 1970. Portfolio, movie poster cover.

04)  Elvis On Stage: That's The Way It Is. MGM Japan, 1970. Concert program, left profile cover.

05)  Elvis: 1956 Reflections. Morrie E. Kricun and Virginia M. Kricun, 1991. With photo insert.

06)  Elvis '56: In The Beginning. An intimate eyewitness photo-journal. Alfred Wertheimer, 1979.

07)  Elvis Presley, 1956. Martin Harrison and Marvin Israel, 1998.

08)  Private Presley: The Missing Years, Elvis In Germany. Andreas Schroer, 1999. Includes CD.

09)  Elvis In Paris, 1959. Pan Am Publishers, 1986.

10)  Private Elvis. Diego Cortez, 1978.

11)  Return Of The King: '68 Comeback. G. Gaar, Jawbone, 2010.

12)  Elvis Sings Beatles Songs CD with Beatles '65 Book including 4 Elvis/Beatle pix, J. Tunzi, 2002.

13)  Elvis '69: The Return. Joseph A. Tunzi, 1991.

14)  Elvis, Elvis, Elvis! The King And His Movies. Peter Guttmacher, 1997. With soundtrack CD.

15)  Elvis. Timothy Frew, 1992.

16)  Elvis Portrait Portfolio. Sean Shaver, 1983.

17)  The Life Of Elvis Presley. Sean Shaver, 1983.

18)  The Life Of Elvis Presley. Sean Shaver and Hal Noland, 1979. Leatherbound with autograph.

19)  Elvis Presley Behind Closed Doors. P. Lichter, 1987. 10th Ann. Limited Edition, # 1214, autog.

20)  We Remember Elvis. W. J. Hill, 1978. Limited collectors' edition # 1277 of 2500; autograph.

21)  Elvis And The Stars. Jim Curtin, 1993.

22)  Unseen Elvis: Candids Of The King. Jim Curtin, 1992. Publicity photo insert.

23)  Candidly Elvis. Angela and Jerome Shapiro, 1978. 2 copies.

24)  Elvis In Concert. John Reggero, 1979.

25)  The Day Elvis Met Nixon. Egil Budkrogh, 1995. With press kit.

26)  Elvis: The King Remembered. Susan M. Moyer, 2002. With CD.

27)  Elvis Presley: Echoes Of The Past. Ger Rijff, 1976.

28)  Elvis: Long Lonely Highway. 1950's America Pictorial. G. J. Rijff, Tutti Frutti, 1st Ed., 1985.

29)  Long Lonely Highway: A 1950's Elvis Scrapbook. G. Rijff, 1987. 2nd Edition, hardcover.

30)  Elvis Close Up. Jay B. Leviton and G. J. Rijff, 1987.

31)  Elvis: The Cool King. J. Van Gestel, G. J. Rijff & B. Moreland, 1989. Autograph #24 of 100.

32)  Elvis, Intimate And Rare. Joe Esposito and Darwin Lamm, 1997. With autograph & pub. insert.

33)  Elvis In Hollywood. From the making of "Love Me Tender", M. Ochs. Steve Pond, 1990.

34)  The Films Of Elvis: The Magic Lives On. Hal Schuster, 1989.

35)  Elvis In Hollywood. Paul Lichter, 1975.

36)  Elvis: The Legend Lives On. Paul Lichter and S. K. Scott, 1977.

37)  Elvis: All My Best. Paul Lichter, 1989. Limited edition # 0822.

38)  Elvis: Portrait Of A Legend. Memorial Collectors' Edition. Paul Lichter, 1976. Magazine.

39)  The Life And Death Of Elvis Presley. Harrison House Publishers, 1977.

40)  Elvis: A Celebration In Pictures. Charles Hirshberg, 1995. Includes press kit.

41)  A Tribute To Elvis, King Of Rock. W. A. Harbinson, 1975.

42)  The Illustrated Elvis. W. A. Harbinson, 1975. Softcover.

43)  The Illustrated Elvis. W. A. Harbinson, 1975. Hardcover.

44)  The Illustrated Elvis. W. A. Harbinson, 1975. Leather bound.

45)  The Elvis Presley Scrapbook: Solid Gold Memories. James Robert Parish, 1972.

46)  Elvis: A Golden Tribute. Emory Glade, 1984.

47)  Elvis: A 20 Photo Tear-Out Book. Oliver Books, 1994.

48)  Official Elvis Presley Collection. Elvis Concert Photo Album. Boxcar Publishers, 1977.

49)  Newly Discovered Drawings Of Elvis Presley. Betty Harper, 1979.

50)  Elvis: Ten Years After. Anne E. Nixon, 1986.

51)  Elvis: In His Own Words. Mick Farren, 1977.

52)  Elvis Presley, "Quote Unquote". Arthur Davis, 1994. With press insert.

53)  Elvis! The Last Word. S. Choron and B. Oskam, 1991. With press insert.

54)  Elvis: The King Of Rock And Roll. Greer Lawrence, 1997.

55)  Elvis Presley Unseen Archives. Marie Clayton, 2003. US Hardcover version.

56)  Elvis Presley Unseen Archives. Marie Clayton, 2005.

57)  Images Of Elvis. Marie Clayton, 2009.

58)  Elvis. Dave Marsh, 1982.

59)  Elvis, The Legend And The Music. John Tobler and Richard Wootton, 1983.

60)  Elvis. Peter Jones, 1976. With over 80 color and black-and-white illustrations.

61)  Elvis. Dick Tatham, 1976.

62)  Elvis. K. D. Kirkland and Sandy Martindale, 1988.

63)  Elvis, Man and Myth. Sarah Parker Danielson, 1990. Includes poster.

64)  The Immortal Elvis Presley, 1935-1977. Joseph Adbur, 1992.

65)  Elvis: A Life In Pictures. Timothy Frew, 1997. With press kit.

66)  Elvis Coloring Book. Thurston Moore Publishers, 1978.

67)  The Elvis Coloring Book. TN Manufacturing, 1983.

68)  The Elvis Paperdoll Book. St. Martin's Press, 1982.

69)  Where's Elvis. J. Holladay, 1992.

70)  In Search Of The King. C. Gelfand and L. B. Krantz, 1992. With press insert.

71)  In Search Of Elvis. H. A. Brown, 1992.


01)  Elvis Presley Anthology, Volume 1. Hal Leonard, 1994. Music book.

02)  Elvis Presley Anthology, Volume 2. Hal Leonard, 1994. Music book.

03)  Elvis Presley Songs Of Inspiration. Hal Leonard, 1994. Music book.

04)  "This Is Elvis" Soundtrack. Hal Leonard, 1981. Music book with promo poster.

05)  Elvis Presley Anthology, Volume 1. Big 3 Music Corp., 1978. Music book.

06)  Elvis Presley Anthology, Volume 2. Big 3 Music Corp., 1978. Music book.

07)  Elvis Music Catalog, Volume 2. Gladys Music, Inc., 1967. "Fake" music book.

08)  Elvis Music Catalog, Volume 1. Elvis P. Music Corp., 1967. "Fake" music book.

09)  Story Of Rock: The Sound Heard Round The World. Volume 2. Phoebus Publishers, 1974. Mag.

10)  Elvis: Story Of Rock. Dick Tatham, 1976.

11)  The History Of Rock #3: Elvis, The Early Years. Orbis Publishers, 1982. Magazine.

12)  The History Of Rock #5: Rock Takes Over. Orbis Publishers, 1982. Magazine.

13)  The History Of Rock #11: Rock At The Movies. Orbis Publishers, 1982. Magazine.

14)  Story Of Life. Marshall Cavendish, 1969. Magazine.

15)  Story Of Rock: The Rock And Roll Explosion. Volume 1. Phobus Publishers, 1974. Magazine.

16)  Rock Spectacular. Phoebus Publishers, 1976. Magazine with Elvis 4-song EP.

17)  The Story Of Pop: The First Encyclopedia Of Pop In 40 Weekly Parts. Phoebus Pub., 1973. Mag.

18)  The History Of Rock #37: Solo Stars. Orbis Publishers, 1982. Magazine.

19)  Pop Weekly Annual, UK edition. Albert Hand, 1968.

20)  Elvis Presley: Un Document Unique. Les Edition Pop Jeunesse, 1980.

21)  Elvis Presley. Japanese softcover, 1977.

22)  Elvis On Stage: That's The Way It Is. MGM Japan, 1970. Softcover, right profile cover.

23)  The Elvis Treasures. Box set, 2 copies. Robert Gordon, 2002.

24)  The Elvis Presley News Diary. Collectors' limited edition. Bill and Moneen Johnson, 1981.

25)  King! When Elvis Ruled The World. Pete Nelson, 1985.

26)  Elvis: The Golden Anniversary Tribute. Richard Peters, 1984.

27)  Elvis And You: Guide To The Pleasures Of Being An Elvis Fan. L. V. Levin & J. O'Hara, 2000.

28)  Elvis: Images And Fancies. Jac L. Tharpe, 1979.

29)  Elvis! Richard Wootton, 1982.

30)  I Got Ya, Elvis, I Got Ya. Betty Page, 1977.

31)  The Real Elvis: Good Old Boy. Vince Staten, 1978.

32)  Elvis Presley, King Of Kings: Who Was The Real Elvis? Ilona Panta, 1979.

33)  Tryin' To Get To You: The Story Of Elvis Presley. Valerie Harms, 1979.

34)  Elvis Presley: An Unauthorized Biography. Rona Barrett, 1975. Rare.

35)  Elvis For President, by the Committee to Elect the King. 1992. With press insert.

36)  To Elvis With Love. Lena Canada, 1978.

37)  Letters To Elvis: Mail To The King. P. K. McLemore, 1997.

39)  Elvis, Legend Of Love: A Poster Tribute To The King. Marie Greenfield, 1980.

40)  Elvis: His Life And Times In Poetry And Lines. Joan E. West, 1979.

41)  Elvis Through The Eyes Of Love. Joan E. West, 1982. Autographed.

42)  Elvis For Beginners. Jill Pearlman, 1986.

43)  Elvis And His Secret. Maria Gripe, 1972. Not Elvis Presley.

44)  I Am Elvis: Guide To Elvis Impersonators, 1991. With press insert.

45)  All The King's Men: The Elvis Impersonators, 1979.

46)  Biggest Elvis. P. F. Kluge, 1996.

47)  The Minstrel. Bernard Benson, 1977.

48)  Elvis. Albert Goldman, 1981.

49)  The Inner Elvis. Peter Whitmer, 1996. With press insert.

50)  Down At The End Of Lonely Street: Life And Death Of Elvis Presley. Brown & Broeske, 1997.

51)  When Elvis Died. Neal and Janice Gregory, 1980.

52)  The  Death Of Elvis: What Really Happened. C. C. Thompson & J. P. Cole, 1991. Press insert.

53)  Dead Elvis: A Chronicle Of A Cultural Obsession. Greil Marcus, 1991. Hardcover.

54)  Dead Elvis: A Chronicle Of A Cultural Obsession. Greil Marcus, 1991. Softcover.

55)  Elvis After Life: Psychic Experiences Surrounding The Death Of A Superstar. R. A. Moody, 1987.

56)  Elvis: Prophet Of Power. Samuel Roy, 1985. Autographed.

57)  Elvis: His Spiritual Journey. Jess Stearn, 1982.

58)  More Of Hollywood's Unsolved Mysteries. John Austin, 1991. With press insert.

59)  Elvis and TJ photo binder with rare 5X7 & 8X10 EP & TJ pix.

60)  EP vs. TJ 1969 magazine.

61)  Elvis Monthly #7 1985 UK Mag Flaming Star Cover with Muhammad Ali autograph signed at Graceland 8/16/85.


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