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With a half-century dedicated to music, we have amassed one of the largest worldwide eclectic music collections and inventories!

We are proud and honored to have been fortunate enough to have collaborated with & credited by; RCA/BMG (US/UK/GER), Joan Deary, Paul Williams and Mike Omansky (RCA/US Producers), Charlie Stamford (RCA/UK Producer), Ola Wirenstrand and Helmut "Doc" Radermacher (RCA/GER Producer), FTD/Castle UK-Roger Semon CEO, EPE, Danny Hiltenbrand and Adrienne McElhaney-Reder (Graceland Products Division), Starr Productions, 'Bootleg Elvis' and 'Jailhouse Rock' (discographies), 'DISCoveries' and 'Presleyana'-Jerry Osborne, 'ElvisRecords.com'-Paul Combs,      'A Touch Of Gold' Blog-Neal Umphred (https://www.elvis-atouchofgold.com/marble/ and https://www.elvis-atouchofgold.com/collectables-records/),    'All About Records' (NYC)-Charley Larocco (CEO) & John DeSalvo (Mgr), London/Parrot/Decca (US/UK), John Tracy (Decca Producer), Tom Jones Ent.-Mark Woodward (Mgr.), Shakin' Stevens Ent.-Sue Davies (Mgr.), 'ET', 'A Current Affair' and 'Inside Edition,' to name but a few.

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For 5 generations, we have collected, bought, sold and traded, Tiger TOM The Voice JONES, SHAKIN' Shaky STEVENS, Rock-A-Billy, New Wave & Rock 'n' Roll Vinyl, Rare CDs, Books, Collectibles and Memorabilia from the USA and Worldwide! ERR First Love, Dedication, Expertise and Specialty is KING ELVIS PRESLEY! Whether it be through our ELVIS Website, our eBay Auctions, or our eBay Store: Elvis-Rare-Records, ERR policy is to TCB supplying the ELVIS Fan with All Your Wants as Affordably, Efficiently, Enthusiastically and Friendly as possible! 

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ERR is extremely proud & honored to celebrate a few of our many credit acknowledgments over the years...

Felix Gubeli, Rolf Gilgen, Peter Van Bragt, Dick Dekker & Bruno Pause 2012, (2018 & 2019 updated) masterpieces.

The definitive source on 40+ years of Bootlegging KING ELVIS & this generations Greatest KING ELVIS Book...


We are Doubly Proud for our credit acknowledgments in the Music & Sports acclaimed publications...

"Beckett Price Guide To 45 rpm Records 7th Edition" 2009 ("Elvis Rare Records") &

"Beckett Almanac Of Baseball Cards & Collectibles 6th Edition" 2001 ("Starr Prod.")

Most recently, we've designed the definitive Elvis & Tom Jones Full Color Wall Hanging Picture Calendars!

"Elvis & Tom Jones Present 2001" & "Elvis & Tom Jones Present 2002" by Craft Publishing, NYC.


A Little History about the CoFounder & Curator of this site, by the people who know him Best... DAVE "ELVIS"

 A 60+ y/o fan, that in Dec. 1968, when Dave was only 8 y/o, at the insistence of his beloved Mother, Alyce ("LadyBug"), & his older Brother, Gary ("GatorTail"), instantly became a fan of the King, when upon the opening of the '68 Comeback, Elvis turned face-front into the camera and snarled: "If you're looking for trouble, you came to the right place!" A fan was born for life!

Between then & 1977, he was fortunate enough to have seen the King 17 times live! All with his beloved Mother, following Elvis from Maryland to Massachusetts. His experience of seeing Elvis live featured four particular highlights.

In 1971, at the Baltimore Civic Center, his eldest Brother, John ("J.R.") was able to cop tickets for the fourth row, dead center ("press seats" from one of big Bro's contacts). This was his first time seeing the King live, in November 1971, a week before his 10th birthday. Yes, fellow King E-fans, he's a Sag! And for his 10th birthday, as starstruck as he was, his Mother had to physically raise his right arm to receive his prized apache scarf & shake the hand of the King!! (he hasn't washed it since, and he's become left-handed!:)

A year later, another highlight was when Dave was heard to be one of 20,000 screaming Elvis fans recorded live on an RCA live album, "Elvis, Live At Madison Square Garden, NYC, June, 1972." (That's him roaring above 19,999 spellbound E-fans during "Polk Salad"!:)

In 1977, in Landover, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, at the screaming insistence of a 16-year-old Irish lad and his silver-haired, petite, 60-year-old Mother, yelling at the top of their lungs, "POLK SALAD ELVIS! POLK SALAD!!", Elvis stopped the opening piano intro of his closing song, "Can't Help Falling In Love", looked down at him and his Mother as they were leaning up against the stage and asked them, "You want to hear Polk Salad? Polk Salad is what you want to hear?" They replied, "Yes, Elvis, please! Polk Salad!" Elvis turned to the band and instructed them, "you heard 'em, Polk Salad."  The opening piano chords of "Can't Help Falling In Love" immediately segued into the opening bass intro of "Polk Salad." Their request was fulfilled! It was at this concert that Dave's eldest Brother John ("J.R.") and sister Sandy ("SangyBo"), after giving up their spectacular seats during Elvis' prime six years earlier, finally had their chance to see The King live. John and Sandy finally joined the ranks of the rest of the family as #1 fans of the #1 man from Tennessee!

Many years later, word about this Elvis anomaly spread, and one day, as Dave and his Mom were home with what was the single greatest radio station in America, WCBS-FM 101.1 playing in the background as they always had, their phone rang. It was DJ Boppin' Bob Shannon calling! He called for them to share there experience over the phone, live on air. Dave's Mom beamed proudly all through it. And thus Dave was deemed, as "The Polk Salad Kid". It was the conclusion of another dream come true.

Subsequently, he has had the pleasure & distinct honor of collaborating with such renowned E-fans as Tom Harrison, Paul Allan, Ginger Johnson, Maria Losito, Paul Dowling, John Greco, Harvey Mandel, Victor Semmel, Richard Minor, Felix Gubeli, Jerry Osborne, Charles Larocco, Claude Laliberte & countless others, by providing liner notes, song sequence sheets, photographs, music & career dates, charts & sales stats, to name just a sampling from his personal collection.

Dave has also been fortunate enough to befriend another renowned publisher and true E-legend, Mr. Jerry Osborne, former owner/editor/publisher of "DISCoveries", in which Dave wrote numerous reviews on 1980's neo-rockabilly, new wave, Shakin' Stevens, Sir Tom Jones (his second all-time fave) and of course, The King. He and his former research company, Starr Productions, were credited for his expert contributions in Osborne's "Elvis Presley Price Guides" as well as in "GoldMine," "Record Finder", "Beckett's Price Guide", "Record Collector Magazine"(UK) and "Jailhouse Rock" (a comprehensive Elvis bootleg discography), among others. He has also been interviewed for projects on Elvis, Tom Jones, and rockabilly by A Current Affair, Entertainment Tonight, Hard Copy, Inside Edition and other syndicated entertainment shows. Probably, however, his most enjoyable contributions, would be those he made with Ms. Joan Deary (RCA, NYC), Ola Wirenstrand, Andrea Munch, Ilka, & Klaus Schmalenback, Helmut "Doc" Radermacher  (RCA/BMG, Germany), Lesley and Charley Stanford (RCA/BMG, UK), Roger Semon (Castle/Follow That Dream, formerly of RCA, UK), and finally, Adrienne Reder McElhaney & Danny Hiltenbrand (EPE/Graceland, TN). (Apologies to anyone we may have inadvertently left out!)

In 1984, Dave and his partners at Starr Productions formulated a proposal for a full-length Elvis video to be titled "Elvis On Fire", featuring first-time unreleased footage from "That's The Way It Is" and "On Tour" outtakes. Unfortunately, their project never came to fruition, however from it was born "Elvis The Lost Performances", released by Jerry Shilling Productions (formerly of the "Memphis Mafia"). Thus, Dave and his partners at Starr Productions (Andy Klein, Rocco Sicuranza and Tony Albano), became indirectly responsible for the release of this highly-acclaimed video.

Around this time, Dave branched out and became a professional musician as a backup rhythm guitarist and background singer for the NYC-based, critically acclaimed neo-Rockabilly bands 'The RocKats' and 'Lucky 7'. In '84 The RocKats went Top 40 with "Make That Move."

In 1987-1988, Dave & his Cousin John ("Johnny B Goode"), were invited by Mr. John Tracy, Director of Decca UK, to the Polgram Records vaults, in Edison, NJ, for research purposes on TOM "The Voice" JONES. After numerous visits and exhausted searching to the point of literally crawling around on their knees of the vault floor, they discovered a wealth of unreleased recordings, spanning '65-'87, which produced the critically acclaimed, 1988 Polgram CD release, "Tom Jones From The Vaults".

As the years went by, Dave has since lost both his beloved Dad, Jack "The Ripper" & Brother, Gary "Gatortail" to aneurysms, on 6/30/91 & 10/9/13 respectively. He also lost his beloved Mother, "LadyBug" Alyce, to Alzheimer's. Being a devoted Son & family man, as The King was to his beloved Mom & family, Dave's life was ultimately changed over the years. To the point where he & his dear Wife, Suzy, who had already lost her beloved Mother, Norrene ("Bubby") & who's amazing Father, Ralph ("Pappy"), was also diagnosed with Alzheimer's on the very same day as Dave's amazing Mom, had to amicably & respectively part ways. This was at the turn of the new millennium, on his "Elvis Brother", Gary's birthday, 2/1/00 (yes, also Lisa Marie's b'day). Dave also had to forgo his businesses & musical career in order to become a 24/7/365 caregiver for Mother, Alyce. When times were the toughest, even with all the friendships, guidance & help (special note of Thanks to).. Suzy ("Snugz"), Father Keith, DR. Ferrigno ("Super Doc"), Cousins, Dave ("Big D.") & John ("Johnny B. Goode"), Lynn ("Goddess"), Mr. Ritacco ("The Great One"), Steve ("Church Steve"), along with countless others through the years, it may have been Elvis' Gospel music that Most got Dave & his Mom through each & every day. When the King passed away, Alyce used to always tell David, "The King is kneeling at the right hand of God, singing gospel for the Lord in Heaven." On 3/17/06, appropriately on St. Pat's Day, Alyce joined David's beloved Father, Jack, Brother, Gary, Elvis & his beloved parents Mother, Gladys ("Satin") & Father, Vernon at the pearly gates.

Since then, Dave has happily remarried, appropriately on All Saint's Day, 11/1/11, to Rena ("Lil' Pooky") and has continued the musical legacy of his beloved Mother, in whose heart, mind & soul, Elvis was King, is King, & will always be King. Long live The King!

Glory, Glory Hallelujah Bay-bah! His Truth Is Rockin' On!!

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This Site Is Dedicated To... Alyce "LadyBug" Jack "The Ripper" Gary "GatorTail" "Aunty" Fay "Uncle" Mike.