That's... POLK SALAD!!

Worldwide Alternate Titles



Rock-A-Billy Kat & Teddy-Boy Tiger 

Elvis & TJ Vacation Together HI. 5&10/69  

Tom & Elvis.mp4

TJ & Elvis Working On Duet Vegas 70s

9/30/65 Hollywood, CA.                4/6/68 Vegas Flamingo Hotel   Real pic: Elvis WITH Cigar And... Airbrushed With OUT Cigar

6/10/69 Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas     Peter Borsari Photographer  EP & TJ With Chris Ellis TJ's road mgr. & Chris Slade TJ's drummer

                                                                                                        "ELVIS & TOM"

The Infamous "ELVIS & TOM" magazine, released coincidentally on 'August 16', 1969. Photographer Peter Borsari took these classic shots on 6/10/69, at 3:30am, in TJ's suite at The Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas, NV. Considering that the meeting between Elvis & The Beatles on 8/27/65 was not photographed (and even if it had been!), ERR considers this mag to be the Greatest music publication Ever released, of the 2 Greatest Singers•Dancers•Rockers, in their respective primes, ever to be photographed! Their mutual respect is legendary. In the history of Rock/Pop, there has never been any other 2 performers of their equal. Possibly excluding Elvis & The Beatles. Not MJ & Prince, Brown & Davis Jr., Beatles & Stones, Sinatra & Dino, Garland & Streisand, Astaire & Kelly, Crosby & Jolson. As EP & TJ often hung out together, Elvis' manager, Col. Tom Parker approached TJ's manager, Gordon Mills & together they came up with the brilliant idea of setting up a photo shoot of the 2 together. Elvis & TJ agreed. Arrangements were made for a date, place & photographer. As TJ was currently headlining at The Flamingo, private, secure arrangements could be set up to every one's satisfaction. Some members of EP's 'Memphis Mafia' & TJ's bandmates were present. 3 days after TJ's 29th birthday, and a month & a half before Elvis' comeback to a concert stage at The International, the photo-shoot was done. Macfadden/Bartlett Publications, NYC, publisher of Screenland & Silver Screen magazines, were contracted to publish & distribute the magazine. It went on the newsstands 8/16/69 & immediately sold out. How many copies were printed is unknown & there was no 2nd print. ERR interviewed Mr. Borsari, before his passing (5/26/06) & was informed, that to the best of his memory, he shot 1 roll in color, for the cover & keepsakes & 2, or 3 rolls in b&w for the contents. The cover is the only color pic with 8 b&w inside. With front & back covers, it was 75 pages. The remaining pages were career shots of the 2 & sold for a whopping 50¢! Pages 42 & 43 even contained a voting ballot! The ballot consisted of 5 questions:  1) I think Elvis/Tom is the better lover because... 2) I think Elvis/Tom is the better husband because... 3) I think Elvis/Tom is the better father because... 4) I think Elvis/Tom is the better performer because... 5) I think Elvis/Tom is the better man because... It was to be returned to "Elvis & Tom" C/O Macfadden/Bartlett Publications, NYC. Of course, no results were ever published. Mr. Borsari also informed ERR that his rolls of film were never returned from the publisher & were apparently stolen. As of our interview in 2006, they had not been recovered. Through the years, only a handful have come to the surface from varied places. One color shot was found in a 1970's Japanese Elvis fan paperback, 2 others were released in the 1980's by Elvis' cousin, Billy Smith, & during the 1990's & 2000's, two popped up on eBay from an anonymous seller in NY & another color outtake came to light from a UK photographer, to name a few. ERR was interviewed back in 1993 for a segment on "A Current Affair".  Our EP & TJ pictorial collection was shown for the 1st & only time until Now! The few unreleased shots previously mentioned, as well as ERR's personal unreleased acquisitions, are shown above. On each side, please see the "ELVIS & TOM"  pix, as they appeared, in order in the mag. Please note; In the original publication, the pix contained captions. Ex. "What happened when the world's two greatest sex symbols got together!" Our Web & Photograph Designer/Tom Jones Consultant, Ms. Lynn S., painstakingly restored these historical pix back to their original form, without the annoying text and captions! Kudos to 'The Goddess'! She has also restored the original color cover, and designed our ERR banner minus the original headline and caption! 

All EP/TJ shots are copyrighted ERR© & are not to be duplicated, &/or used in any form without the express consent of; 1) ERR, 2) the estate of Peter Borsari, 3) EPE & 4) TJE.

  May & October 1969 Hawaii Vacations

5/13&14/69: Elvis & Cilla stayed at the Ilikai Hotel as TJ Headlined the Ilikai Hotel's Pacific Ballroom & attended his shows. The swimming pool pics are most likely from then.

10/5-10/69: Elvis, Cilla & Entourage rent a private home at Kailua on the Island of Oahu. TJ was invited. The beach pics are mostly likely from then.

TJ, Cilla & EP Surfing the HI. Beach! 10/69

Poolside, Comparing Dance Moves!

  EP, TJ, 'Cilla, The Memphis Mafia & Wives

 Many Have Dreamed, Few Have Done-JAM With The KING!  M.Griffin-TJ-EP-N.Crosby - 5/8/71 Caesars Palace Vegas

9/6/73 Caesars Palace TJ Show

9/8/73 Caesars Palace & 9/3/74 TJ Shows 

Various EP & TJ CD & MAG Covers

'69 TV This Is TJ                   '76 Studio                  '76 Live-NYC           Fantasy Concert     Playing Card & Poker Chip  '73 Venezuelan Card 

'72 Japan LP '73 "Rock Dreams"-'The King's Court' • TJ & EP Comic 

8/27/65                                      Belair, CA.                           The KING          &          FAB 4!         9/19/66 UK   Tom Jones & The Beatles!         4/18/75 NYC 

8/22/62&69 Beatles First (Star Club-GER.) & Last (John's UK home) Pix Together! Same Day-7 Yrs Apart! 

2/6/64 EP & COL Congrat Fab 4 Sullivan Apperarance.




 Ching-ching A-ling-ling...

The King's "Polk Salad Annie"

Worldwide 7" POLK SALAD ANNIE Chronicles...

ROW 1: (1-9) UK ENGLAND RCA 2359 Pop-out Promo, Pop-out & Solid & Centers; RCA Generic Sleeves(2), No Print P/S, RARE Printed P/S. (10&11) IRELAND RCA 2359.

ROW 2: (1-8) GERMANY 74-16177 1970 WLP & 1st Press-1972 MSG, 2nd Press-1973 Aloha Back Covers, 3rd Press Re-Issue Die-Cut Comeback. (9-12) FRANCE 41088 & A&M 411 39.

ROW 3: (1-2) ITALY N 1685. (3-4) NETHERLANDS PB 9441. (5-6) GREECE 46g 126. (7-8) PORTUGAL 20127. (9-10) SOUTH AFRICA 42-457.

ROW 4: (1-4) JAPAN SS-2130 WLP 1, SS-2130/JRT-1201 WLP 2 (Elvis A/Ikkaku Tanabe B & Stock 45 & Lyric Sheet. (4-5) Acetate 1 WLP No Cat # (American Trilogy B), Acetate 2 WLP No Cat # (My Boy B). (6) 'On Stage' EP SRA 95.

ROW 5: (1-4) MALAYSIA 'Hot Songs' EP Atgo ZI-1153 & 'Polk Salad Annie' EP G.R. 386 Red Vinyl. (5-10) THAILAND 'That's The Way It Is' EP MTR-497 Red Vinyl. 'That's The Way It Is' EP TK-473. 'On Stage' Mini-LP UR-121. (11-12) PHILIPPINES 47-6335.

ROW 6:(1-4) MICRONESIA Elvis On Tour 1-A & 1-B Red & Blue Vinyl. Bootleg Picture Sleeves: (5-8) UK ENGLAND RCA 2359, (9) GERMANY 74-16177, (10-11) US for UK RCA 2359.

All 34 Issues Released 1970-1973. Except; Japan Acetate 2, 1975 & Micronesia Red & Blue Vinyl, 2021. All 'PSA' from TTWII 1970, Except; Micronesia from Elvis On Tour 4/9/72. 5-9 Pressed 2020, 10 2018 & 11 2021. No Records. Sleeves Only. Same pictures on Both sides. Sleeve #5 by "Derek" ebay id: tcb_elvis, #6 & #7 by "Ellen" ebay id's: daybram0 & presleyd14, #8 by "Duane" ebay id: d1mediauk, #9 by "Dirk". Note: the German bootlegger erroneously listed "C.C. Rider" as the 'A' side. ebay id: distro-shop, #10&11 by "Daniel J Slate". Note: #10-2018 was designed but never sold. #11-2021 is the designers 2nd PSA, this one using artist rendition, rather than a actual picture. ebay id:alternateuniverseelvis

45's: B-sides are 'C.C. Rider' on All, EXCEPT...

France 'Mystery Train' (James Burton Elvis Tribute Single)

Netherlands 'Hound Dog' (live-'MSG')

Greece spelled 'See See Rider' (live 'On Stage')

South Africa 'Mary In The Morning' (live-'TTWII')

Japan 'I Just Can't Help Believin' (live-'TTWII'), WLP 2: 'Polk Salad Annie by Ikkaku Tanabe', Acetate 1: 'American Trilogy', Acetate 2: 'My Boy'.

Philippines 'You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (live-'TTWII')

Micronesia 'Johnny B Goode' (live 'Elvis On Tour' 3/30/72 Take 3)


Japan 'On Stage' EP SRA 95 S1: You Don't Have To Say You Love Me / Sweet Caroline / I Just Can't Help Believin' S2: You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' / Polk Salad Annie.

Malaysia 'Hot Songs' EP ATGO ZI-1153 S1: Rags To Riches / Polk Salad Annie S2: Release Me / Where Did They Go, Lord.

Malaysia 'Polk Salad Annie' Red Vinyl EP G.R. 386 S1: Polk Salad Annie / Patch It Up S2: I Just Can't Help Believin' / Mary In The Morning.

Thailand 'That's The Way It Is' Red Vinyl EP MTR-497 S1: Polk Salad Annie / Sweet Caroline S2: Patch It Up / Yesterday.

Thailand 'That's The Way It Is' EP TK-473 S1: Polk Salad Annie / Patch It Up S2: I Just Can't Help Believin' / Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Thailand 'On Stage' Mini-LP UR-121 contains the entire 'On Stage' 10 track LP on a 7" "mini-LP"!


UK: The 'Suspicious Minds' p/s was the First & most common Elvis 45 that came without the printed title & catalog #. It was definitely used for 7, possibly 8 different Elvis UK 45's from '69-'73... (Suspicious Minds, Don't Cry Daddy, Kentucky Rain, (possibly) I've Lost You, I Really Don't Want To Know, Rags To Riches, Until It's Time For You To Go & Polk Salad Annie). All also came with printed titles & catalog #'s, of which Polk Salad Annie & I've Lost You (if confirmed to exist) are known to be the Rarest UK p/s!

FRANCE & GERMANY: Look close at Elvis' head & hand positions, they are Not the same picture! The pictures were taken seconds apart at Madison Square Garden, NYC 6/10/72.

GERMANY: The die-cut 'Comeback' p/s was generically used for many re-issues.


IRELAND: Rare Dublin, IR. 1973 Pressing for IR/UK distribution. Solid Center Only.

ITALY: 6/73 Stamped Promo Only-Never released commercially. RCA company sleeve. Promo P/S printed but Not issued due to "See See" Rider error. 

GERMANY: WLP Promo released in 1970, 2 years Before the 1972 1st commercial release.

FRANCE: A&M 41 139 was a 1973 Single by Elvis' Lead Guitarist, James Burton from the "Elvis Presley Story" Radio 2 Europe 1.

MICRONESIA: 'Polk Salad Annie' (live 'Elvis On Tour' 4/9/72) From the 2021 'Gold Standard Series' 6 Single Box Set "Elvis On Tour Singles Collection" Ltd Red & Blue Vinyl Sets.

Interestingly & Unfortunately, the US Never released Polk Salad Annie on 7" 45, or EP!:( Even though every major US fan club at that time, submitted that 'Polk Salad' be issued due to over-whelming fan requests, RCA decided to go with an 'original', the ever-shitty 'Patch It Up'. As Polk Salad, (along with Suspicious Minds) were The King's show-stopper-rockers of the 70's, its too bad RCA hadn't a clue, for if they did, Elvis woulda had another certified #1 as was Suspicious Minds! Anyone care to guess which song the fans requested 2nd most for the B-side? Hint... a 70's Elvis classic power-ballad. Apparently RCA didn't listen to the Fans, or Elvis' music either as they Never released either on 7"! All ERR can say is, Thank GOD for Asia! Along with all the PSA releases, they also released what ERR considers to be the 2 Best EP's Worldwide releases Ever! Coincidentally, Both are from Thailand... "Tom Jones vs Elvis Presley" TK-357 - Title says it All! ;) & "That's The Way it Is" MTR-497 - RED Vinyl, Red Tinted P/S & Red & Black Print. A true work-of-art! Magnificent!!

The answer to the question is... "You Gave Me A Mountain"! ;)

The King By Any OTHER Name Is Still THE KING!

Worldwide ALTERNATE Titles...

Love Me Tender EP "FRATELLI RIVALI" ('Rival Brothers') • Jailhouse Rock EP  "LL DELINQUENTE DEL ROCK & ROLL" ('Thug Of Rock & Roll') •

It Happened At The World's Fair Spain  "BLONDE, ROSSE, BRUNETTE" ('Blonde, Redhead, Brunette') & Brazil "LOURAS, MORENAS E RUIVAS" •

Fun In Acapulco "O SERESTEIRO DE ACAPULCO" • Viva Las Vegas EP & 45  "LOVE IN LAS VEGAS" • Girl Happy ('65 & '82) "PAZZO PER LE DONNE" ('Crazy For Women') •

Harum Scarum "HARUM HOLIDAY" • Spinout EP & LP "CALIFORNIA HOLIDAY" • That's The Way It Is "THE ELVIS PRESLEY SHOW" • It's Now Or Never "O SOLE MIO" •

Surrender "TORNA A SURRIENTO" ('Return To Surrender') • Wooden Heart "MUSS I DENN" • No More "LA PALOMA" • Good Luck Charm "PORTAFORTUNA" •

Easy Come, Easy Go "GO GO GO" • You Don't Have To Say You Love Me "IO QUE NO VIVO SENZA TE"

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