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As of 2010, Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) has recognized and distinguished Elvis Rare Records (ERR) as a reputable, respected website.

All Listings On ERR Are Specialty Items Limited To 1-item Per Listing (unless otherwise noted).

Please Purchase Accordingly...


Please Note: In Many Cases the Purchase Prices may be NEGOTIABLE! We Also Offer DISCOUNTS On ALL Quantity Orders!

Trades Are Also Considered. Please Inquire...


We offer FREE Shipping Via USPS with Tracking & Delivery Confirmation on All Orders within the USA.


Due To Varied International Postage Rates, Pricing & PayPal Buttons Do NOT Include International Postage.

We Offer A 50/50 Split On Any Shipping Mode Of YOUR Choice! Please Specify Upon Ordering.

Outside the USA, Please Inquire For YOUR Shipping Rate! Include ITEM(s) - COUNTRY - SHIPPING MODE.


As this can be a bone-of-contention among collectors, ERR commissioned the expertise of the Largest Vinyl wholesaler/retailer/distributor in the US. The highly respected "All About Records"- NYC! "AAR" Objectively & Painstakingly Down-Graded every item so expectations are Met, or Exceeded! Our deepest Gratitude and a Big Hunka Thanks to Charley and his Crew at All About Records!


When Signing In To Your PayPal, You MUST Use The "SENDING TO A FRIEND" Option! Payable To: "ElvisRareRecords@msn.com".



Although ALL Items Are Generally Sold "As-Is", ERR Extends To YOU, At NO Charge, Additional Coverage Through PayPal Buyer Protection. We Have Proudly Been A Member Of The ELVIS-Community Since1968! On eBay Since 2000, With A Combined 1000+ Feedback And A 100% Rating! Please Be Assured YOU Can Buy With C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-C-E! Additionally, Under Certain Circumstances, ERR Accepts Returns/Exchanges/Refunds. If You Need Additional Info/Pictures, Please Inquire. ERR Wants YOU To Be HAPPY With YOUR Purchase!

eBay User ID: BradyKat

PayPal Payable To: ElvisRareRecords@msn.com

eBay Store: Elvis-Rare-Records

USA & Worldwide: PayPal Preferred.

USA Only: Postal Money Orders. Worldwide: Western Union.

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