Aftermath of Roseburg Forest Products logging on public lands in Oregon, 2006

-Spraying deadly poison

A human rights violation, Ford aerially sprays his clearcuts with toxic pesticides that drift for miles and poison rural families.

-Clearcuts cause climate change

Logging releases carbon dioxide from trees, soil, and woody debris.

-Polluted drinking water

Clearcuts + logging roads = soil erosion, landslides, fouled drinking water, and dead salmon.

-Logging public lands

Ford continues to destroy the last 5% of native forests on publicly-owned lands in the U.S. -- Federal and State (ie. Oregon's Elliott State forest) -- subsidized with your tax dollars.

-Fanning flames of fire hysteria

Ford exploits the fear of wildfire to log public lands under the guise of "wildfire prevention."

-Promoting "forest biomass" fraud

Ford is a major player in the scheme to turn trees and "forest waste" into electricity and liquid fuel.