Corporate Power Unbridled

Corporate power unbridled

Eugene Register-Guard

February 8, 2010

Jan. 22, when the U.S. Supreme Court gave powerful corporations the unbridled ability to spend millions of dollars to oust or elect their preferred political candidate, is the day I realized our ailing democracy has been struck a near fatal blow. No matter what wrong or harm done to you or fellow citizens by a powerful corporation, if correcting that harm disrupts the corporation’s profits, then no politician from this day forward will stand up to these potent corporate powers in the fear that he or she will be removed from office.

What elected policymaker will stand up to the Wall Street bankers, the petroleum industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the military industrialists when they know that such corporations can just write a check for their removal? It seems crystal clear that we are now completely ruled by a corporate fascist state. Our ailing democratic republic is on life support.

I am deeply troubled by this travesty, as every aware and honest citizen should be. What can we do to rescue our republic? I can only imagine that we must abolish this corporate fascist state with civil resistance and boycotts of all things mega-corporate. If this is not successful, we may consider abolishing such a fascist regime using necessary means as Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence describes. It’s not just our democracy that is at stake at the hands of these despots, but the survival of all species on this Earth — including our own.

Shannon Wilson