Hypnobirthing - Jemma & Steve

Faceboook post 15.4.15

I'm writing to say a huge thank you to Dandy Kendall for helping my husband and I have a really positive pregnancy and birth of my newborn son.. We had hypnobirthing sessions with Dandy, and despite my initial scepticism it was fantastic! The positive affirmations and relaxation techniques were brilliant, and we used them a lot through the last few months of the pregnancy. I fell asleep most night...s listening to the relaxation and affirmation cd.. Although the birth wasn't quite what we had expected (as he cord was caught around his neck so he needed forceps), the labour was long and the breathing / relaxation techniques were invaluable. The only other assistance used until the delivery was gas and air, and the midwives all commented how well I was breathing and staying calm throughout.. We can't thank Dandy enough, and I would recommend Hypnobirthing to anyone who wants to have a calm, relaxed and positive birthing experience.. And here is our little boy, who as you can tell, has been fairly relaxed since his arrival too.. Thanks again!! Jem