Anxiety - Suzanne

Email received - 16/6/13

Over the years i have tried many things, relaxation, counselling, medication and reiki to name but a few. HAving suffered from anxiety and stress for many years it really was beginning to dominate my life to a point whereby i really didn't want to go anywhere new or try something different with new people.

I went into hypnotherapy with a very open mind and determined to give it a really go whilst not really knowing what to expect. Dandy was warm an welcoming and really put me at ease straight away, i could feel straight away that we had a connection which encouraged me to go for it all the more.

After the first session i really didn't know whether or not it had worked but evidence quickly came to me when i went to a new place where there would be people i didn't now and suffered no anxiety whatsoever and just had a nice day. It sounds so simplistic but when you suffer with such small things it can make a huge difference to your life.

I had 3 more sessions with Dandy and can honestly say she has helped e to change my life and i feel the happiest and most at ease i have felt in all my life, if only i had discovered this years ago! If you are considering hypnosis all i can say is go for it, what do you have to lose in comparison to what you could gain.

Suzanne, Harrogate