Hypnobirthing - Lucie and Stuart

Email rec'd 8.7.14

Started with cramps & aches around 2am Wednesday morning, had a bath, had a walk went to hospital at 11.45 birth at 2. Used my breathing & positive statements (my favourite been each surge brings my baby closer to me). Did have to use some gas and air right at the end.

Pool wasn't available but don't think I would have used as was happy standing focusing, visualising and breathing . Was stood up right until the last part just to get her out.

Midwives all very impressed and were great, very supportive and very un-intrusive.

She is a truly amazing & beautiful little girl. She fed about 45 mins after birth and was settled right away. All very calm.

No tearing at all or stitches which is fab!

Thank you so much for your help, will be recommending hypnobirthing to all!