N.I.C.E - The National Institute of Clinical Excellence state that 25% of Infertility is classed as Unexplained!

If you have had all the medical checks and investigations and are told there is NO physical reason why you have not become pregnant, we hypnotherapist's say "you are NOT infertile, you just haven't conceived "YET". Stress and lack of confidence can cause very physical problems for our bodies. The Hypothalamus is a small area at the base of the brain containing nuclei which are strongly linked to the nervous system and are affected particularly by stress. The hypothalamus forms a bridge between the emotional and the physical, thus emotional issues can present as physical conditions. Hypnosis works with the hypothalamus and is proven to be very effective in reducing stress and increasing confidence, therefore by restoring your confidence and general sense of well being, your body can then work, naturally, as it is designed to do, to reproduce.


Dandy offers Hypnosis for Fertility and Hypnobirthing so you can experience a more comfortable, natural birthing experience.