Fear of Flying - Kate

Hi Dandi

I can't thank you enough, I am so pleased I came for hypnotherapy for my fear of flying, It is amazing how it changed the way I think.

Even after the first session, rather than thinking of a scenario during a flight and panicking, no sooner it came into mind my subconscious would tell me don't be ridiculous, this alone was a massive achievement, then after my 3rd And final session it was as though my subconscious wouldn't even allow any unwanted thoughts into my head I was just excited about our forthcoming holiday the following weekend.

So iam relaxed on the day of my flight, then before I know it I am sat across from John and my boys watching them settle into their seats putting there seat belts on, it must have been at least five minutes later I look down with a huge smile on my face (crying as a write this) OMG only no seat belt on! I know amazing iam usually strapped in before my bum hits the seat. And did exactly the same on the return flight.

So Europe is my oyster!

Not sure can face anything longer YET

But wow!wow!wow!

Thank you so much for changing the way I think.

Kind regards

Kate mercer