Anxiety - Ang

Email received - 15.9.18.

I went to Dandy for help with an overly sensitive fight flight response which played out in angry, emotional defensiveness in my life. I have spent a lot of time working through my “stuff” over the last 12 years and it’s been a real success journey. However I found that no matter how much work I did on my conscious thinking, behaviour etc, something else was still triggering an intense emotional reaction that I wasn’t able to control in certain sutuations.

This made me feel that despite all the success - I was still at the mercy of over reactions, anxiety and anger - even when I didn’t want to feel this way. I was always on guard for it and It was so frustrating.

Four sessions with Dandy and I can safely say it’s stopped. Completely. It’s taken around eight months for me to write this because I have been waiting for it to wear off! It hasn’t. Dandy is wonderful, I can’t recommend her enough and I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with her. It’s given me freedom from over reactive feelings and responses which has undoubtedly changed the lives of those around me too!!

Thank you so much Dandy.” Xx A Walton