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SED 690 Curriculum and Instruction
Tuesdays 7:00-9:45
Section 15101

Course Schedule



                           Class Topics

   Assignments/Readings Due



Class Picture Page

Introductions- Create 


What are the multiple roles of the teacher? List and discuss.

 Fairbanks & LaGrone article

Esposito & Smith article

Reading Response 1 (due next class)


Models of Teacher as Researcher articles

Choose a Literature Circles book

Stigler & Hiebert (ch.6)

Reading Response 2 (due next class)


How do we define school culture?  Discuss chapter 6 from Stigler and Hiebert

Intro to school culture report (checklist) (due week 9)

Create a form for the Lit Circles book

Pick Literature Circles book (1/3 due due week 6)

A World-Class Education: Learning from International Models of Excellence and Innovation (link to book)

Stewart, Vivien

ERIC Number: ED529506

ISBN: ISBN-978-1-4166-1374-9

The Ideal School” Read only

Schmoker (2 chapters, Reading Response 3 due next class)

Intro and chapter 1 of book- Read only


School and Community discussion

Discuss Chp. 1 of A World-Class Education 

Our own school cultures – data examination

Start collecting school culture data (due 2/28)


Discuss Chp. 2 of A World-Class Education

Peer edit I of school culture report

Work on II  of school culture report (due 3/7)



Read Chp. 3 of A World-Class Education in class

Peer edit II of school culture report


Reading Response 4 (Chp. 3 of A World-Class Education)

Social Justice (locate and share out next class with a write up.  1pg.)


Chp. 3 presentation of A World-Class Education

What is Social Justice?

Reading Response 6 (Chp. 4)

Social Justice Assignment (due 4/4) via email


Spring Break


Chp. 4 presentation of A World-Class Education

Work on Social Justice Assignment

Reading Response 7 (Chp. 5) Due 4/11


Research Day

Work on School Culture and Social Justice Assginments

Finish School Culture Report (due 4/25)

Reading Response 8 (Chp. 6) Due 4/11


Chp. 5 Presentation

No HW  


Differentiated instruction foldables activity

 Differ. Instruction   article  


Chp. 6 presentation.  

Social Justice presentation.  

Lit Circle book due      


Power in the classroom; discourse structures; spectrum of classroom management


Remaining assignments are due (reflection 5, reflection 6, social justice assignment, and School culture report). Turn in person or  via email


Class Article Review

SQUEEZE re-visited

Outreach Project due







Reading Response Directions

You will produce a reading response of no more than 2 pages (but at least 1.5 pages). The first part of the reading response will be a summary of the article(s). This portion should be about a paragraph (each), up to one page. Using correct APA citation procedures, summarize the author’s/authors’ main point(s). The second part of the reading response will be your response to the article. This section will most likely be about a page. Please give your own opinion(s) based on your experiences and/or your school site experiences. (Please avoid stream-of-consciousness reflections.)



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