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SED 690 Seminar in Secondary Education (M&M)

Dr. Tae Chang: Associate Professor in Secondary Education
Office Hours: Wednesday 1:00-3:00 and by appointments in Rm. 2140 College of Education.
Contact information: 818.677.6491, 818.677.2580, or (E-mail preferred) 

A.Course Description
Identification of persistent problems in secondary education and survey of the literature relating to these.  Emphasis is given to study of education problems, to acquaintance with reliable sources of educational research, and to techniques of cooperative thinking.
B.Conceptual Framework

The faculty of the Michael D. Eisner College of Education, regionally focused and nationally recognized, is committed to Excellence through Innovation.  We believe excellence includes the acquisition of professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions and is demonstrated by the growth and renewal of ethical and caring professionals - faculty, staff, candidates - and those they serve.  Innovation occurs through collaborative partnerships among communities of diverse learners who engage in creative and reflective thinking.  To this end we continually strive to achieve the following competencies and values that form the foundation of the Conceptual Framework.

  • We value academic excellence in the acquisition of professional knowledge and skills.
  • We value the use of evidence for the purposes of monitoring candidate growth, determining the impact of our programs, and informing ongoing program and unit renewal.  To this end we foster a culture of evidence.
  • We value ethical practice and what it means to become ethical and caring professionals.
  • We value collaborative partnerships within the College of Education as well as across disciplines with other CSUN faculty, P-12 faculty, and other members of regional and national educational and service communities.
  • We value diversity in styles of practice and are united in a dedication to acknowledging, learning about, and addressing the varied strengths, interests, and needs of communities of diverse learners.
  • We value creative and reflective thinking and practice.
C. Course Objectives
This course follows SED 625MM Theory and Research in Multicultural and Multilingual Education (MME) in Secondary Schools, and SED 600 Research in Secondary Eduction, taken in the first year of the Master's in MME curriculum.
D.Methods of Completing Course Objectives
1.  Continue defining and analyzing various components of multicultural and multilingual education, including their impact on and implications for secondary school teaching and learning. 
Apply their analyses to the making of teaching and professional decisions, and developing plans and strategies for their accomplishment.
3.  Continue to strengthen their research skills by conducting the Action Research Proposal they had designed and planned in SED 600.