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SED 600: Section 14597
Wed. 7-10 : Spring 2015

Start Date
Complete a survey at the beginning of class. 
Self Pict 
Go to class website and upload a headshot of yourself. Below your picture, please put your name and turn you name into a hyperlink linking it to you web site.  Put a short blurb about yourself.
Web (100) (click here to see web tutorial video)
1/28Creating a Web site using Google Sites.  (100 points will be graded as you turn in your final web)  1) Homepage, 2) Research Paper, 3) Speech (Linda Darling-Hammond), 4) Survey, 5) Presentation, 6) Reference 7) Methodology 
Survey (video)1/28Create a survey for your research using google forms
Action Research Exercise2/4What is Action Research
Brainstorm with group 2/11Discuss what you might be interested in for your Action Research
Meet with Instructor2/11Discuss with instructor what you are interested researching
Education on the Edge 2/18Linda Darling-Hammond 2/19 (7:00-8:30 at Univ. Student Center)
Start Chapter I 2/18Start your Introduction (2 pages)
American Psychological Association Exercise I 2/25APA basics and how and when to use APA. 
American Psychological Association Quiz (100)3/4APA quiz 
Submit Chapter I (100)3/4Introduction due (return by 3/18)
Chapter II3/4What is Literature Review/Chapter II?
Chapter III3/11What is Methodology/Chapter III?
Writing Independently3/18Work independently off campus
Submit Chapter II (100)3/25Due date for Literature Review (5 pages) (return by 4/15)
Methodology 3/25Meet with Instructor
Survey (100)4/1Work on your survey
Spring Break4/8Break
Submit Chapter III (100) 4/15Turn in Chapter III (1.5 pages) (return by 4/29)
Presentation4/15Present on your Action Research (Presentation guidelines) (sign up)
Presentation4/22Present on your Action Research
Finish Web (100), Survey (100) and Paper4/29Put the final touches on Web, Survey, and Paper
Final Paper Due, Chapters I, II, and III (300)5/6Final submission of paper

Disclaimer: assignments and dates are subject to change

Participation grade (100)