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SED 610: 

Spring 2017

Start Date
Due Date
Self Pict (need access)
Go to class website and upload a headshot of yourself.  Below your picture, please put your name and turn you name into a hyperlink linking it to you web site.  If you don't have a picture handy, use the photo booth program on the computer. Below your name, place your email address.  
Web (100) 
1/253/16Creating a Web site using Google Sites.  You will have a homepage and every assignment will have its own page.  This is your portfolio. 
Self Intro Presentation  1/251/26Create a self introduction and use any type of presentation tool to display your work.  Please do not include your name
Debate topics1/25 N/AChoose three debate topics
Preparation day for debate 1 and 22/13/16Prepare for debate 1 or 2
Debate 1 2/15 N/AHave persuasive paper on your site linked by the end of class
Debate 23/13/16Have persuasive paper on your site linked by the end of class
Grant/Scholarship/Paper 3/8 3/16Choose two from the following (grant, scholarship, or paper)
CUE 3/15 N/ANo class, if you attend CUE and some sessions, you can substitute for an assignment 
Spring Break 3/223/16CSUN Spring Break
Mobile Presentation 3/293/16Present to class on Mobile App/web site (sign up)
Debate 34/19 N/AThird debate, have pro and con paper paper on your site linked by the end of class
Leadership Presentation4/265/4Day 1 of leadership presentation
SLO 4 5/3 5/4Work on Educational Awareness SLO
SLO 5 5/105/4Work on Leadership SLO
Entire site uploaded by the end of the night. (200)5/105/4Entire site needs to be uploaded by the end of the night.  Meet and finalize poster and web site.