Compass Yacht Group

Welcome to the Compass Yacht Group

You have found your way to Australia's fastest growing yacht group which is ironic considering our boats have been out of production for 35 years!

Don't own a Compass - not to worry, we're not religious. All our boats were built in the same era, using the same techniques, materials and engineering. There were many builders at that time, With import tariffs, and no sales tax on partially built boats small boat builders flourished.

It took little to start building boats as an adjunct to the main business in a factory. A design, a mould, a bucket of resin and a roll of chopped strand mat.

Endeavours, Hoods, Marauders, Swansons, Compass' and many, many more builders were hard at work churning out yachts. Compass were arguably the most successful, putting out about 1,000 yachts, mostly to their own designs. They were so successful, they had to charge a premium for custom work to discourage orders that slowed down production. So came the Compass Crown, a Compass 28 complete with engine and sails launched for just $14,000 sailaway, up until 2009 appreciation seemed to keep up with depreciation. Still, they are good value boats.

What's Best About Our Group?

- Our rates are cheap - $0

- It's very egalitarian

- Members have a vast collective knowledge

- We support old boats, engines and systems - long out of production

- Our active group keeps up the value of your yacht

- We hold an Annual Regatta in Sydney and perhaps soon in Melbourne and Brisbane

- Our Annual BBQ is a great opportunity for old and new members to get together in a premier Sydney location

- There are some excellent articles to read

2020 Compass Annual Regatta - Link