Photo Gallery


                Big Sur Garden at Post Ranch -

                Same Garden - Early Spring - Late Winter

                Pumpkin Art Project -
 banned from
        Carmel Valley Road !

            Same hill, planted later
                     with red  and green lettuce 20' hearts-

                Giant cover crop of
         Merced Rye, Bell Beans
 and Purple Vetch.

           Two best friends, meditating
                 in the warm sun after finishing   their gopher patrol and
eradication duties

                Flowers are food for the mind.

            Tomatoes, melons
and corn,
                    mixed Carmel Valley planting-

            Flowers grown with love and arranged with pride.

                My 1 acre Andy Goldsworthy Homage

  Garden done at
Bernardus Lodge,
Carmel Valley -

          Same garden - nice orderly
 boxes full of organic
   produce and flowers -

       The Aromatherapy Labyrinth Project -
Phase One -
Based on the 11 circuit Labyrinth
 at Chartres Cathedral -
Constructed on a fragrant field of
 organically grown Chamomile !

        Phase One construction continued -

Nearing completion -

Almost ready -

Complete -
  With contemplative walkers -

The View from within -

as seen from outerspace -
google satellite image

closeup from space -