Selected Bibliography

Books - Agriculture

a beautiful aspect of farming and gardening is the seasonality of the craft, instructing one to follow the cycles of nature and use the slower times to hibernate, recharge and perhaps delve into a great book -

Gardening For Profit - Peter Henderson - 1874 - Orange Judd Company
the business of market gardening, though pleasant , beautiful and profitable, is a laborious one from which many quickly shrink

Parks Success with Seeds - Ann Reilly - 1978  - Geo. W. Park Publishing

the definitive book on raising seedlings -

California Fruits  - E J Wickson  - 1911  - 
Pacific Rural Press
the genius of Wickson is practical and stands the test of time -

California Vegetables - E J Wickson - 1913 - Pacific Rural Press
"all it takes to succeed in california agriculture is work, will and water"

California Garden Flowers - E J Wickson  - 1926 -  Pacific Rural Press
excellent suggestions for "working amateurs"

Organic Plant Protection - Roger B. Yepsen Jr. - 1976 -  Rodale Press
a comprehensive reference on controlling insects and diseases in the garden, orchard and yard without using chemicals

Taylor's Guide to Vegetables - Norman Taylor  - 1987 - Houghton Mifflin Company
a complete guide to growing edible plants with 425 beautiful color photographs -

Vegetables From Amaranth to Zucchini - Elizabeth Schneider - 2001 - William Morrow Pub.
an encyclopedia, a produce market manual and a treasure trove of recipes -

Gardening at the Dragon's Gate - Wendy Johnson - 2008 Random House
a wealth of practical knowledge and fascinating garden lore evoked through an abiding appreciation for the earth—

Food to Live By  -  Goodman, Holland, McKinstry - 2006 - Workman Pub.
a delightful organic inspired cookbook of which i contributed to the writing of -

Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture Cheap - Ellen Ruppel Shell - 2009 - Penguin
what is the true cost of what we are really buying ?

The Vegetable Book - Yann Lovelock - 1972 - St. Martins Press
any gardening book that speaks highly of kohlrabi has to be excellent-

Southern Vegetable Crops - George Whitaker Ware - 1937 - American Book Company
basic principles and production of vegetable growing in warmer climates -

A Field Guide to Western Birds - Roger Tory Peterson - 1941 - The Riverside Press
a farmer and gardener should always know what they are surrounded by in nature -

A Primer For Star Gazers - Henry M. Neely - 1946 - Harper and Brothers Publishers
a farmer and gardener should always know what they are surrounded by in nature - a manual for the ancient love of star-gazing

The Principles of Fruit Growing - L. H. Bailey - 1897 - Mount Pleasant Printers
the genius muses on fruit growing and pomology -

The Wilder Shores of Gastronomy - Davidson & Saberi - 2002 - Ten Speed Press
20 years of the best food writing from the journal Petits Propos Culinaire -

Fast Food Nation - Eric Schlosser - 2002 - Harper Collins Publishers
an elegaic expose' of how burgers, fries and sodas came to symbolize america -

The Culture of Vegetables and Flowers - Sutton and Sons - 1930 - Simpkin Marshall, Ltd.
horticultural history and instruction at its finest -

The Happy Garden - Mary Ansell - 1912 - Cassell and Company Ltd.
before televisions and computers gardens were a great source of entertainment -

Plant and Planet - Anthony Huxley - 1974 -The Viking Press
a book which stimulates interest in the world of plants and our perception of it -

Bio-Dynamic Agriculture - Koepf, Peterson, Schaumann - 1976 -  Anthroposophic Press
excellent introduction to the bio-dynamic method , "a new way of thinking is gaining ground" -

Managing Cover Crops Profitably, 3rd Edition - 2007 - Sustainable Agricultural Network Press
how and why cover crops work and all the information needed to build cover crops into any farming operation - Available Free Online Here

Books - Spirituality

How We Choose To Live - Mendek Rubin - 1995 - Ryma Company Publishing
obscure book filled with existential wisdom of a holocaust survivor -

The Power of Now - Echart Tolle - 1999 - New World Library
how to leave the analytical mind and it's false created self, the ego, behind -

Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind - Shunryu Suzuki - 1972 - Weatherhill Publishing
informal talks on zen meditation and practice - you will shout eureka many times while reading this -

Branching Streams Flow Into Darkness - Shunryu Suzuki - 1999 - Univ. California Press
more talks on zen meditation and practice from the roshi in his prime -

Not Always So - Shunryu Suzuki - 2002 - Harper Collins Publishers
"the way to study true zen is not verbal, just open yourself and give up everything. whatever happens, study closely and see what you find out."-

Tomato Blessings and Radish Teachings - Edward Espe Brown - Riverhead Books
zen and cooking go hand in hand to create a wonderful interplay between abstract philosophy and everyday life -

Broken Open - Elizabeth Lesser - 2005 - Villard Books
how do we emerge from suffering and challenge with real encompassing wisdom and love ? -

Beginning Mindfulness - Andrew Weiss - 2004 - New World Library
a gentle and compassionate guide to how to live with awareness in every moment -

The Importance of Living - Lin Yutang - 1937 - The John Day Company
the ideal character best able to enjoy life is a warm, carefree and unafraid soul

Light On Yoga - B. K. S. Iyengar - 1966 - Schocken Books
the bible of modern yoga, its philosophy and practice

Care Of The Soul - Thomas Moore - 1992 - Harper Collins
a guide for cultivating depth and sacredness in everyday life -

The Places That Scare You - Pema Chodron - 2001 - Random House
dreams are a rehearsal, holding people accountable is an act of loving kindness, compassion and letting go -

The Wisdom Of Insecurity - Alan Watts - 1951 - Pantheon Books
a message for an age of anxiety -

Iron John - Robert Bly - 1990 - Da Capo Press
a fascinating examination of myth, literature, psychology and anthropology -

Books - Classics

The Grapes of Wrath - John Steinbeck - 1939 - Penguin Group
landmark portrait of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless -

Hours In the Garden - Herman Hesse - 1979 - Farrar-Strauss-Giroux
a selection reflecting themes of mysticism and the search for perfection -

New and Selected Poems - Volume One & Volume Two - Mary Oliver- 1992-2005 - Random
clear and lyrical explorations of varying ecosystems mingled with spiritual claims some might call prayers -

The Short Stories of Saki - H. H. Munroe - 1930 - Viking Press
a wit for which such words as satire, cynicism, sophistry. are all too gassy - 

Three Tales - Gustave Flaubert - 1877 - Penguin
embracing emotions and putting them into perspective

Origin Of Species - Charles Darwin - available free online here
evolution occurs everywhere, a key on how to preserve your own self in the struggle for life

The Gambler - Fyodor Dostoevsky -  1866 - Dover
discusses the emotion of risk, losses, compulsion and addiction -

The Merchant Of Venice - William Shakespeare - 1600 - Penguin Books
tackles the subjects of greed, ambition and promises - the source of the line "a pound of flesh" -

Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand - 1957 - Ashgate Publishing
attempts to demonstrate that the economy and society would collapse without the profit motive and the efforts of the rational and productive -

The Republic - Plato - 400bc? - 
why do we behave justly? - ribald and funny, this book makes you think -

Candide - Voltaire - 1759 - 
eternal optimism and painful disillusionment as one witnesses and experiences the hardships of the world -

Roughing It  - Mark Twain - 1872 - available free online here
the mishaps, errors of judgments and various mistakes that constantly prevent the author from attaining his goal - becoming rich with little effort-

Books - Investing

since farming is the oldest known legally sanctioned form of gambling it's good to know all you can about  the science and art of risk taking and probability -

Picking Winners - Andrew Beyer - 1975 - Houghton Mifflin
handicapping lessons framed in anecdote and aphorism -

Come Into My Trading Room - Dr. Alexander Elder - 2002 - Wiley
strategies for managing your money and your time so you can enter the markets with confidence and exit with profits -

Entries ans Exits - Dr. Alexander Elder - 2006 - Wiley
up close and personal view of how real traders select trades and make decision -

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator - Edwin Lefe'vre - 1923 - George Doran and Company
a timeless tale of markets, people and the balance of giving and greed -

Fifty Years in Wall Street - Henry Clews - 1908 - Irving Publishing
overflowing with stories about methods for making money and ideas for predicting the current market -

Market Wizards - Jack D. Schwager - 1990 - Harper Collins
insights into the thought processes and trading rules of highly successful traders -

How To Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie - 1936 - Simon & Schuster 
investing in yourself and the ability to relate to others is an art for that can be learned -

The Education of a Speculator - Victor Niederhoffer - 1997 - Wiley and Sons Inc.
speculating is as fine an art as chess, checkers, fishing, poker, painting, tennis and music

Fooled By Randomness - Nassim Nicholas Taleb - 2005 - Random House
a book about luck and how we perceive luck in our personal and professional experiences - 

Fun While It Lasted - Bruce McNall - 2003 - Hyperion
how a good business mixed with too much greed can be a disaster -

Trading In the Zone - Mark Douglass - 2000 - New York Institute of Finance
an in depth look at the challenges that we face when we take up the challenge of trading (or any other difficult endeavor) -

Enhancing Trader Performance - Brett N. Steenbarger - Wiley
farming is a performance discipline and like olympic athletes, farmers can structure their development to achieve competence and expertise -