Our Consulting Company

The journey to accomplish consistent organic farming and
gardening success comes through personalized mentorship.

Let us help you create what you need to know to achieve your own farming and gardening goals. We begin with an assessment of your goals and background, and then create a structured plan building upon your current knowledge and farming experience, while addressing current  farming issues and building your strengths that will help you embrace the right  farming system for you.  Farming is more than learning any one strategy, one must learn the best style that fits his/her own personality. All farming situations are unique and one on one mentorship is the best pathway to success. Depending on your prior experience, you will be guided from the basics of  farming to developing a complete organic  farming system while learning how to monitor one’s own performance and make adjustments to enhance your strengths and minimize your weaknesses from interfering with your  farming success. We can help you determine which crops, nutrients and markets are appropriate for your needs,also what type of  farm or garden size is needed to achieve your desired goals and objectives. All of this tailored to fit your own personal risk-tolerance, otherwise embracing your  farming system becomes more difficult and minimizes your chances of reaching your desired results.


We will also provide the instructional material in all different forms, shapes and sizes, which help reinforces our one on one meetings. You can ask questions via email and receive feedback as your journey to  farming success progresses. Clients can participate in weekly phone calls, on-line meetings as well as daily email communication. Every farmer thrives to achieve consistency in their farming performance, yet very few experience it for long periods of time.  Farming and gardening is a profession one can wake up and decide to be a professional and in no time be underwater in bills and chores that seemed unlikely to occur in the beginning. Just as a surgeon needs years of formal education, and then practices under supervision as an intern, an aspiring farmer and gardener needs a mentor to help them through those dangerous and tricky alleys that arise.

We can work with you enhancing your existing strategies and overall  farming system, become more organized so  farming does not control your life, help build organic farming and gardening systems that will keep you interested in  farming, develop your overall strategy, and how to monitor your performance. We have clients that say it helps to be accountable to a farming mentor; knowing that he will analyze your strategy and provide feedback can help achieve more consistent results. Most people have a boss or manager that holds them accountable in their jobs. When one becomes a small farmer or gardener they only have themselves to hold them accountable. Many find it beneficial to discuss  farming experiences as the journey of a farmer can be a lonely path to travel.


The art of good food starts with two important things, what is supplied by the farmer and then letting those ingredients speak for themselves.