Mark Marino

has been involved in organic farming and gardening for over 30 years.  After studying Alan Chadwick's French Intensive Biodynamic gardening method at Red Horizon Farm in Santa Barbara, California, he began developing and refining techniques of growing specialty organic produce, flowers , herbs and experimental crops. At his Pogonip Farm in Santa Cruz, California Mark grew specialty organic vegetables for such renowned chefs as Alice Waters and Jeremiah Tower. He ran his own 200 acre organic produce farm in Missouri from 1983 until 1997.  In 1997 he joined Earthbound Farm
, the largest organic farming company in North America, as Vice President of Weather.  There he directed the research and development farm, exploring state-of-the-art organic farming techniques and developing new varieties of salad greens and vegetables for their extensive line of wholesale organic produce.
      Presently Mark is helping people to grow not only the perfect flower and business but their dreams as well.