Services & Specialties


  • We will help you to avoid those costly mistakes prone to new agricultural endeavors -
  • Learn that to have a successful organic farm or garden you do not have to buy any of the "snake oil" products out there -
  • Locate best site for garden or growing area and offer suggestions of environmentally sound process to establish site -
  • Design and set up your own personal organic garden or mini-farm-
  • We can teach you how to succeed in the organic gardening and farming market place -


  • Building healthy soil through cover cropping and crop rotation.
  • Selecting crops that grow well in your specific locale.
  • Sharing years of experience that will accelerate your operation to the next level.
  • Showing you that it is possible have a beautiful and abundant organic farm and garden without spending a major amount of your hard earned capital.
  • Using examples to illustrate how easy and fun it is to grow your very own successful garden and farm.