Edward Espe Brown

  "Mark is a man who feels like he’s of the earth. And the vegetables and fruits which emerge from his efforts gleam in his eyes.  His labors of love manifest the abundance of his careful observation of the obvious, innumerable small moments of care and attention.  The produce appearing from  his fields is not simply product or crop, but manifestations of his heart, the inner world connecting with the outer."

Ed Brown - Zen Priest and Author

Dr. Andrew Weil

"Marks knowledge of organic agriculture
,his ability to share his passion, and his friendly, humble nature
have always impressed me."

 - Dr. Andrew Weil

Dennis Kaniger, Chef and Culinary Genius, Kansas City, MO.

"We have enjoyed the wonderful opportunity of an explosion of local, small farming in this country in the past fifteen years or so. (A return to an agrarian society? Would Thomas Jefferson be delighted, or is he just saying, "I told you so"?) In 1989, when I first opened a restaurant in Kansas City, there were perhaps three "truck" farmers who came to town. Mark didn't just believe in the magic of the earth, he cultivated it, nurtured it, lived it. Then he actually brought it to my kitchen door so we could share it. Imagine that!"

Dennis Kaniger. Cook. Kansas City, MO

Sister Barbara Hagel O.P. - Mission San Jose Dominicans

"Farmer Mark helped us establish our large organic garden and orchard in Fremont, California.
 He was a huge help in suggesting resources,
inexpensive systems and "fixes", and teaching us how to prune!
ideas were always practical and, important for us, conscious of our budget.
 I have called upon him often with questions and garden dilemmas which
he was always able to resolve.
I love the philosophical approach to
gardening he shares along with his great expertise."

Sister Barbara Hagel O.P.   Mission San Jose Dominicans

Pamela McKinstry, Cookbook Author, Consulting Chef, Organic Farm Inspector -

"I have known Mark as a farmer, co-worker, and friend since 2000, and have the highest regard for his knowledge, passion, and creativity. He is an artist at heart- any one of his gardens is the tangible expression of his considerable talents. If you want to learn about organic farming and land stewardship from someone with an incredible depth of experience and a holistic vision of life, there is no better source than Mark Marino."

Pamela McKinstry, Cookbook Author, Consulting Chef, and Organic Farm and Processing Inspector -

Eric Schlosser - Author

"In the years that I've known Mark Marino, he's tended small backyard gardens and managed some of the largest organic farms in the United States.  All of his work is driven by a deep humility and reverence for Nature.  Mark is a good man, a good friend, and a superb custodian of the land."  

Eric Schlosser - Author - Fast Food Nation

Nina Simonds, Asian food authority and author of “Spoonful of Ginger”

“ Farmer Mark”  Marino is one of the most knowledgeable people in the organic farming business today. He is a pioneer and has been recognized by chefs and growers alike as a reliable authority who is generous with his time and expertise. He’s also quite delightful to deal with.”

 Nina Simonds, Asian food authority and author of “Spoonful of Ginger”    

Sam Fromartz, author Organic Inc., and avid gardener - Washington, D.C.

"Mark is a generous and knowledgeable farmer, offering advice and even seeds to this community gardener all the way across the country. I was lucky to learn from Mark some of the ways organic methods can be applied to the most humble plot of land with spectacular results.
And for this, I thank him."

Sam Fromartz - Author - Organic Inc.

Susan Feniger - Chef | Owner - Border Grill - Ciudad - Los Angeles, CA.

"I have to say Mark is the most amazing , passionate, knowledgeable, person, that I know when it comes to organic gardening. I grew up in a family of gardeners in Ohio, my parents were in the flower business and i love gardening, but know nothing really about it! Visiting Mark's gardens is always so dreamy. It's just such an incredible experience. The way he thinks, what he knows about food, what to do, where to plant,when to plant...everything! he's my "gardening idol"!!!

- Susan Feniger  - Chef | Owner - Border Grill - Ciudad - Los Angeles, CA.

Jeff Larkey - Route 1 Farm -  Santa Cruz, CA

"Mark has been a good friend and farming compatriot since the early 80's. He has been on the forefront of the ever changing face of organic/ecological farming, and has contributed much to the success and vitality of the movement  since the early days. Mark has been a valuable resource for me and with his great communication skills has no problem sharing his knowledge with others".

   - Jeff Larkey - Route 1 Farms - Santa Cruz, CA.

Chef Craig von Foerster -Sierra Mar Restaurant -The Post Ranch Inn-Big Sur,CA

     "Mark Marino has been instrumental in the success of our organic gardens at The Post Ranch Inn. He designed a garden for us that was very visually beautiful as well as functional. Our guests are very exited about the garden and we now hold cooking classes in there featuring the gardens bounty. I have known Mark for 15 years and his produce has always met my very high standards. We pride ourselves on our local farm direct produce purchasing program and now have our own produce as well,  thanks to Mark."

Chef Craig von Foerster - Sierra Mar Restaurant - The Post Ranch Inn Big Sur, CA  

Mary Sue Milliken | chef-owner | Border grill - Ciudad - Los Angeles, CA

"Mark is as passionate about growing delicious food as I am about cooking and eating it.  A great farmer like Mark puts expertise, persistence and care into the soil in order for chefs like me to find and amplify those irresistible flavors.  We are lucky to have a partner like Mark Marino! "

Mary Sue Milliken | chef-owner | Border grill - Ciudad - Los Angeles, CA -


Cal Stamenov, Executive Chef - Bernardus Lodge - Carmel Valley, CA

"Throughout our many years of working together, I have always admired Mark's inquisitive nature.  His imaginative and creative farming is always ahead of the curve.  As a true artist in the field, Mark recognizes the beauty of the simple things and smallest of details."

Cal Stamenov - Executive Chef - Bernardus Lodge - Carmel Valley, CA-

Kristine Kidd former food editor for Bon Appetit magazine

    "Mark’s organic gardens at Earthbound Farm were not only gorgeous, they produced the most delicious vegetables and herbs, and beautiful flowers too.  During my years as food editor for Bon Appetit magazine, Mark was the person I consulted with questions about organics, and he always had the answers.  His enthusiasm made every conversation fun."

Kristine Kidd - former food editor for Bon Appetit magazine