Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening organic vegetable gardenis a way of growing food and flowers that only use organic nutrients to nourish your garden soil. Organic farming and gardening does not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Growing good soil will grow good vegetables thereby growing healthy bodies and a healthy planet. Organic gardens build rich soil with compost and cover crops , also known as green manure crops. Companion planting and crop rotation keep the soil from being depleted and helps your garden avoid disease and pests.

By planting an organic  garden you will be reducing your carbon foot print and helping to stem the tides of climate change. Most food travels on diesel trucks from 1500 to 3000 miles from farm to table and is grown with diesel tractors, chemical fertilizers and sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. The chemical fertilizers deplete the soil instead of building it and the pesticides and herbicides create a 
vicious cycle where the farms continually need more and more as the insects and pests become more and more resistant.  All of these fossil fuels and chemicals produces excess CO2 and are a major contributor of global climate change.  

    When you have your own organic garden, your food travels less than a 1/4 mile from garden to table and you feed your soil organic fertilizer. You use beneficial insects to control harmful insects and biological controls if you have problems with pests or diseases. Compost is one of the keys to healthy soil and a healthy garden . Not only does organic farming and gardening increase your vitality with fresh air and outdoor work it strengthens the body and mind.


     In a society so far removed from the earth and the natural cycles of the seasons it is very refreshing to plant a seed and watch it grow.  Harvest the fruits of your labor, feed your family and pass on a living legacy of health, vitality.  As we increasingly move into the predominance of Genetically Modified Crops, questionable organics and long distance shipping it is hard to really know what type of produce you are getting unless you grow your own or purchase it from your friendly local farmer. 



New Clients?

   We promise to help anyone interested in improving their organic farming and gardening acumen.

   Please contact us directly to inquire about available services.


Some of our Previous and Current Clients:

  • Post Ranch - Big Sur  - Helped create and maintain a state of the art 1/2 acre organic high end kitchen garden.
  • The Ranch at Live Oak - Malibu - - Helped create and maintain a state of the art 1 acre organic high end orchard and kitchen garden.
  • Carmel Valley Ranch - Carmel Valley - - Helped create and maintain a state of the art 2 1/2 acre organic high end kitchen garden.
  • Ventana Inn - Big Sur- - Helped create and maintain a state of the art 1/4 acre organic high end kitchen garden.
  • Bernardus Lodge - Carmel Valley - - Helped create and maintain a state of the art 1/2 acre organic high end kitchen garden.
  • Route One Farms - Santa Cruz - Advised and suggested methods for fertilization, planting and irrigation on over 100 acres of certified organic farm land.
  • Private residences throughout Carmel, Carmel Valley, Pebble Beach and Bay Area.