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Information for Presenters

Congratulations on being chosen as a presenter for the CINELTA conference 2019! We’re so glad you will be part of this conference. Without your willingness to share your expertise and experience, we couldn’t have this conference. Thank you so much!

We have received some questions about the arrangements for the presentation rooms.

Each room will have a whiteboard and a projector, in case you would like to use PowerPoint. The projectors are HDMI compatible only. Internet service will not be available, so please make sure you bring a copy of your presentation on a flash drive if you would like to use the projector. Each room can hold up to 50 people, so if you are planning on bringing handouts, please print 50 copies. The rooms will be arranged with chairs or desks in rows.

We’d also like to share some advice, to make sure your presentation goes smoothly.

Before the conference:

Check the schedule and confirm the day, time and room for your presentation.

Practice your presentation. Make sure you know what you want to say, so you can share the information without reading directly from your slides or notes.

You will have 45 minutes for your session, so it is a good idea to time yourself, so you know how long your material will take. Save time for questions or comments at the end.

Prepare your powerpoint presentation, if you are using one. Check that each slide is about one idea and does not contain too much information. Make sure you use LARGE font (24 point or larger) so everyone can read it clearly.

Prepare your handouts, if you are using them. Print 50 copies.

During the conference:

Arrive early on the day of your presentation (we recommend 8:30 am). Check your room and the equipment you will need in the morning, before the plenary begins.

Bring everything you will need with you. If you are using PowerPoint, bring your presentation on a flash drive or Google Drive. Email yourself your files as a back up. If you are using handouts, and and bring them with you in a folder so they don’t get wrinkled.

Attend other sessions and notice what other presenters do well.

Get to your room 10-15 minutes before the start of your session, so that you can set up.

During your presentation:

Start at the listed time. Some people might come in late, but they will find a seat quietly. You don’t need to repeat what you have already said for the latecomers.

Introduce yourself and your topic before you begin.

Speak loudly and clearly. Be careful not to rush, and pause between ideas.

Interact with the audience. You can ask them to share their ideas, lead a discussion. You can also ask for any questions or comments at the end if you have enough time.

Be confident, relaxed and friendly! If you are nervous, take a deep breath and smile. Remember that everyone is a teacher too and we all want you to do well.

End your session on time and thank the audience for coming.

You’re going to be great! If you have any questions or if there’s anything you need help with, ask one of the conference organizers. We are here to support you!